Photos of Members are Divided

Alphabetically into Seven Sets

Click on a set below and the pictures for that set will open

The pictures will rotate through the group with the person’s name appearing at the top of the picture after about ten seconds.

If you want to move faster or jump to a particular person, slide your mouse pointer to a picture on the bottom, a slightly enlarged version will open.  If you click on that picture it will open.  

When you are finished with a set, click on your back button and return to this list and select another set.

[The pictures are divided into sets to keep the pages smaller so they will open quicker.]

SET 1: Last Names from A to B

SET 2: Last Names from C to E

SET 3: Last Names from  F to H

SET 4: Last Names from  K to M

SET 5: Last Names for N to Sc

SET 6: Last Names from Se to St

Set 7: Last Names from T to W

The Sunup Rotary Club    Of Prescott, Arizona

Taking Responsibility for the All Veterans Memorial