Posted by Ben Tuttle
Great extractions   Gus Bergman was Sarge and enlisted Sarah Tomsky to tote the spittoon.  Sarge Gus, resplendent in a Creighton sweat shirt, paid for Creighton basketball team being ranked 25th.  Ben Tuttle wore an ASU sweat shirt to celebrate ASU winning 2 basketball games and the big football game over Nogales Junction (aka U of A).    Geo. Steiner paid $10 for Greg Raskin providing a prize for Big Brothers,  and his wife, Linda won a nice tennis bracelet.  New City  Council Mayor  Proteome Billie Orr and Councilman Phil Goode were celebrated for their positions on the Council.  Sarah Tomsky donated, thanking her club supporters for sponsoring her in the Tour De Tucson.  She completed a 106 mile bike ride in 7 hour 40 minute and discovered she had a dragging brake for 10 miles.    Art Harrington won the raffle.
Presentation to Elaine Mansoor: Community Service Co-Chairs John Stewart ad Todd Clancy presented a $500 check from the club payable to the Salvation Army to our member Elaine  Mansoor
Speaker for Nov. 29th:  Leslie Horton, Director of the Yavapai County Community Health Services was our speaker,  To increase efficiency they partner with 50 other agencies  An amazing statistic is they only receive 7% from County funding.  Their budget is $6 million.  Funds come from state, federal and private  sources.  Three major problems in Prescott are:  Substance abuse, High Suicide and Mental Health.   It is amazing how many services they provide, including health education, Food & Facility inspections, Public Health Nuisances, WIC Women
Christmas Party Elves:   Santa's Elves, aka, Daniele Tuttle, Linda Ripley, Val Ripley, George Steiner, Linda Steiner hard at work in wrapping the many Christmas presents handed out at the Christmas party..  Thanks Elves for shopping and wrapping the many gifts.  62 members and guests enjoyed the festivities dinner and prizes.  Thanks to Greg Barstad for handling the price raffles.