Sunup Rotary honored the Prescott National Forest and our own Sara Tomsky with a plaque for outstanding service to our community and for their intense knowledge of managing our beautiful forest.

Last week’s speaker:  Joe Konkel from the cowboy Poets Gathering likes to play old cowboy music, pre-Hollywood 1880’s to 1930 the best.  He recited and sang several entertaining pieces.  The Educated Fellow Zebra Dunn was my favorite.  During that time, the Banjo was the most popular instrument.  Joe told Mark Twains definition of a gentleman man who can play the banjo but doesn’t.  Big laughs were had all around.  He also played a song by DJ O’Malley called the ‘N Bar N Ranch Montana’ and James Grafton Rogers’ ‘Cowboy Love Song’, ‘The Santa Fe Trail’ and a great poem from Hook & Horns magazine called ‘My Stetson Hat’.
Jim Buchanan continued telling all that the 30th Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering August 10, 11, & 12 will have 60 poets and musicians at the festival.  They invite cowboys that live the cowboy way of life.  The City of Prescott applies a small amount of the B&B moneys to make grant awards to the gathering because of the business the gathering brings to the City of Prescott.

An award was also given to Chris Inman of the Prescott Little League for their successful 2017 year.  The young ball players took 2nd and 3rd in the State Tournament.




Great Extractions:  Rod Cordes fleeced many of us with the help of Logan Williams.  Sam, Mike and Logan received their official name badges because they joined as a family.  Tony Shaw told of a kayaking trip with his grandson and they saw a huge yearling black bear.  Yoichi gave a happy buck because he loves the song ‘God Bless America’, and many happy bucks went around the room.