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A Big Salute to the Membership Committee: Every two years the Membership Committee conducts a member survey.  3 Saturdays ago, Chair Neal McEwen, Ray Carlson, Stan Steiner, Par Wood and Ben Tuttle met for 3 hours at the Phippen for a membership committee retreat.  The purpose was to discuss items sometimes cut short on our monthly meeting. 
Ray brought copies of the last survey for our review and any adjustments the committee felt proper.  The survey was approved and it was decided to conduct it for 5 minutes at the Oct. 11th weekly meeting.  Following proper protocol Chair Neal discussed it at the Board meeting and received approval to conduct the survey.  Ray is currently summarizing the results and will then present them at the Nov. Membership meeting, and then present the results to the Board.  The next step will be to provide the results of the survey to the membership.
Great Extractions: Rusty was Sarge and  toted the spittoon Rusty made a blanket charge to all and fined and asked for happy bucks.
Our Speaker:  Cathleen  Cherry, French teacher and Academic Decathlon Coach introduced three of the team members to give individual reports and ask member questions:  Samantha Isherwood, Kolob Farnsworth and Jackson Rauch, who is the president.  The Decathlon is a national organization for high school students.  At PHS it is a both a class and a club.  This year the subject is Africa.  Students learn as much as they can on the topic, as it relates to the 7 areas of study, (math, science, art, literature, music, history and economics).  In addition students prepare and give speeches (both prepared and impromptu), write essays and are interviewed on the topic.  Students are evaluated on each of these ten test areas either by testing or by judges.  Students compete on 3 levels of GPA.  Honors 3.75 & above,; Scholastic 3.00-3.74, and Varsity 2.00and below.  Students competed against students in the same level.  Jackson Rauch chose the Nuremburg Trials and won a gold medal.
To assist the students in the travel cost Sunup presented Cathleen with a check in the amount of $150.   Our Youth Chair Ray Carlson is shown presenting the check.
Really John?   Question raised by Greg Raskin when John Stewart advised the students that the had been in the top 10% of  Yuma High School.
Rotary Foundation History

At the 1917 convention, outgoing Rotary president Arch Klumph proposed setting up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” That one idea, and an initial contribution of $26.50, set in motion a powerful force that has transformed millions of lives around the globe. To see a timeline click here.

President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
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Good morning fellow Rotarians and Good Friends!

It’s been a great week overall, I hope it has been so for you as well.  Our speakers from the Prescott High School Speech Decathlon team once again proved to be very impressive young adults. As Dennis observed they present a real hope for the future of our community and country.

This past weekend Todd, Barbara, Art and I attended the US-Mexico conference at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise valley. This was a very worthwhile conference and we met some really nice folks from Mexico and AZ. It is amazing to see the things we as Rotarians can do when we work together to organize and support these important, humanitarian causes.

Todd, Barbara and I were also invited to be part of a committee to plan a pre-conference workshop on a topic related to Rotary’s Peace Initiative. It will take place the day before the District Conference. We will fill you in on these experiences on Wednesday.

One of our members has been recently honored. Todd has been invited and encouraged by our District Governor Nancy and other staff members to apply to be a Peace Fellow. I am sure we will hear more in the future as he goes through the process. It is a wonderful opportunity and Todd is well qualified for this honor.

I understand that the questionnaire I sent out last week caused some consternation on the part of a few members. It was not my intention to cause any frustration. As I noted in my message, this is an opportunity for you to go a little deeper with your thoughts on our club and it will be very helpful when paired up with the survey results in our future planning process. So I only ask for your patience in this new process and that each of you will take this seriously, complete the questionnaire, and return it this week.  I do thank you for your time, effort and hopefully support.

Keep sharing that great Rotary Smile and I will see you Wednesday,

Peace Friends,

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