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Birthdays:  Terry Smith 8/1
Anniversaries:   None
Future Programs and Events:
Aug. 1   – Jim Buchanan, AZ Cowboy Poets Gathering
Aug. 8   – Diane DeLong, North Star Youth and Teens
Aug. 15Ann Steward/John HeineyTourism/Heritage Trails
Aug. 22Darla DeVille/M. Rodgers, APS
Aug. 29 – Jonathan Audiss, Frame Cad Steel Framing
Meeting Highlights 7-25-2018
Harry Oberg was made an honorary member last a year, and  asked to be a member. Stan Steiner and Val Ripley did the honors. Harry had a 32-year military career rising to brigadier general. He was elected mayor of Prescott and did a great job. As an honorary member, Harry has immersed himself in our various functions. Welcome Harry!
Great Extractions: Greg Raskin was Sarge and enlisted Val Ripley to carry the spittoon. Greg lamented the lack of members "sucking up to him" and fined the whole club. He then fined everyone wearing a pin, as he never does and has to pay each week. Par Wood celebrated her 49th anniversary, paid a fine, and then won the raffle!
Double Down Casino Distribution:  Our fantastic chair, Jane Anne Shimizu presented an oversized check (and the real one) to Brad Newman of YEI, the featured charity. Ron Williams of Frontier in and John Scholl of Chino Valley had also accepted their checks.  Jane Anne said all of the Rotary clubs will participate next year and Ron said that that has been his goal for years to get more interactive participation between the area clubs.

Speaker on 7/25Dr. Robin Sobotta, director of the City airport, was a timely speaker with our new airline providing service on 8/29. She was very complimentary of former Mayor Harry Oberg, Mayor Greg Mengarelli and Billie Orr and Phil Goode of the City Council for their involvement. SkyWest Airlines, which operates as United Express under United Airlines, has signed a 2-year contract. Robin said the runway is sufficient for the larger jets they use. Approximately 150 passengers will go to Los Angeles, and 400 will travel to Denver daily.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
member photo
Good Morning Fellow Rotarians!
The placemats are coming! The placemats are coming! 
Yes, the breakfast meeting placemats have been away for a short 'spa treatment' and will be coming back plumped, fluffed and prettified. Check them out this Wednesday morning. They are not just a source for IOU slips, either!  In the wealth of info borne by these humble servants, you will find a list of our club’s many projects including …
  • Road Cleanup
  • Wheel Chairs to Mexico
  • International Water Projects
  • Little League Snack Shack
  • Veterans Administration Lighting & Memorial Project
  • Veterans’ Memorial—Maintenance on the Plaza
So, when prospective members ask (as they invariably will), “What exactly do you do?” you need never find yourself tongue-tied. The lowly placemat is there to remind us that the Sunup Rotary of Prescott's strength of service is always at the ready!
Thank you for all you do in our community!
Neal McEwen
Sun Up Rotary President, 2018-2019
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Help Spread Sunshine: When you know of a member's loss or hospitalization, please alert                   Par Wood at (928) 777-0500, ext. 207 of the Sunup Sunshine Committee,                                  or email her at