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    Greeter     Rusty Parker
Birthdays:  Daniele Tuttle 8/16
Anniversaries:  Jane Anne & Bob Shimizu 8/13;          Rusty & Bonita Parker 8/15
Future Programs and Events:
Aug. 22 – Darla DeVille/M. Rodgers, APS
Aug. 29 – Jonathan Audiss, Frame Cad Steel Framing
Meeting Highlights 8-8-2018
Great Extractions: Our “Mystery” Sarge, Greg Barstad, failed to show and Rod Cordes and Val Ripley did the duty, with Josh Walker toting the spittoon. Clent Walker paid $5 to announce Josh is in the 4th grade. Greg Raskin drew table 5 and switched to 6 with Norm Samuelson, which cost them both. BUT then they invited Sarah Tomsky to join them so this cost all three of them. Par Wood announced that Checel Preston had applied for a Rotary Vocational scholarship to study fire science. After two years, Par Wood's company Wedbush Financial is in the black; and Jane Anne Shimizu won the pot.
Speaker on August 8thRay Carlson filled in as our speaker and spoke on the “Oatman Massacre.” This historical event recounts how a wagon train with nine Oatman members was attacked by what was thought to have been the Apaches, but today’s historians think it was the Yavapai. They killed everyone but two girls taking them back to the tribe. Their brother Lorenzo survived the attack and escaped. The girls lived with the Yavapai, and one eventually died. The surviving sister, Olive Oatman, was eventually traded to the Maricopa-Pima Tribe. Five years after her capture, she finally made it to Fort Yuma.  Lorenzo had read about Olive and they were finally reunited. Olive married a man named Fairchild in Oregon, and they eventually moved to a ranch in Texas. A marker on the Gila River stands where the attack took place and where the bodies were buried.
Sunup Trivia:  Fundraiser History – What exactly has Sunup Rotary done to raise money, you ask. The list is lengthy, but I’m sure you all remember them:
  1. A national motivational speaker at the Elks Theater
  2. A golf tournament for several years
  3. A children's fair
  4. Duffy Anthony suggested we do a rubber duck race which we did for several years with a "creek" built from sand bags and a plastic liner behind the Sharlot Hall Museum. The grand prize was $10,000 towards a new car, which Jane Anne Shimizu's husband Bob won.
  5. A Prescott BBQ Days competition with professional participants
  6. Two pot luck dinners
  7. A dinner at the Adult Center of Prescott
  8. A dinner called “Jazz Under the Stars” at the Highlands Center
  9. Jerry Fohrman suggested we do a casino themed event, and Glen Hammond suggested the name, "Double Down Casino Night." For the past 2 years Jane Anne Shimizu has chaired the event.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
member photo
Good Morning Fellow Rotarians!
This week I attended the Arizona Community Foundation’s (ACF) annual “Joy of Giving” celebration.  ACF is a major clearinghouse for grants and endowments channeling charitable gifts to non-profit organizations. 
A couple of observations:  First, I was impressed by the number of Rotarians in attendance, and they're being listed among the contributors to this organization. It really speaks to the power of combined service, and to the extent and depth to which Rotary is, (and Rotarians are) engaged in doing good for the community.
Second, Congratulations to Frontier Rotary! They were named by ACF the Corporate Benefactor of the Year, recognized for a number of contributions, but most  notably for its “Grapes to Grades” initiative - a testament to the impact of sustained and focused giving. 
"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."    - Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
Thank you for all you do in our community!
Neal McEwen
Sunup Rotary President, 2018-2019
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