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Dr. Lisa Rhine

President - Yavapai College





Program Committee Meets First Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am

Membership Committee Meets Second Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am

Board of Directors Meeting Thursday November 21st 4:00PM Prescott Library Elsie Room

Birthdays: None this week

Anniversaries: None this week
Meeting Highlights October 16th
Todays Thought: Never capitate your juvenile poultry before  the process of proper incubation has fully materialized.
Announced Guests: Brian Brecto, guest of Bud, friend of Greg Raskin.
Heidi Marshall, wife of Matt Greenlee
Announced: A.J. read a letter of appreciation from Pass, Chief Black sold Pink patches to Josh and Jane Anne. Proceeds benefit The Yavapai Reagonal Breast Care Center. Rod Cordes’ house is almost finished. Jane Anne spun the wheel for forgetting the bulletin, paid $1
Sgts. at Arms Val and Greg Raskin fined Bud for bringing Brian, Sarah for her recent nuptials and Jim Huffman for winning the Las Vegas trip. Every table had to name the auther of a quote or spin the wheel and pay a fine. The Sgts. were fined because of  no quotes from women. Stan won the pot.
Speaker: Prescott Police Chief  Debora Black. Chief  Black was appointed Chief  in July of 2016. She is the first woman to serve in this position. She previously served as Chief of Police for the city of Glendale for 4 years .She began her career as a patrol officer with the Phoenix Police Department in 1980 and was promoted to assistant Police Chief there in 2000. During her career, she has been awarded the Medal of Valor, three medals of Lifesaving and two Police Chiefs Unit awards. Chief Black earned Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Science degrees from Arizona state University. She is very active in the community.
Chief Black feels the Prescott PD is the best agency in the state, due to the Dept. personnel and Prescott residents. The dept. is fully staffed with 74 full time employees and has 6 cadets in the Police Academy. 911 personnel are needed, it’s a complex position requiring a high level of skill with 12 hour shifts required.    
 The Chief  stated all areas of crime in Prescott have declined for 3 straight years and was 13 percent lower in 2018. Fraud is an ongoing problem and the PD has staff to deal with this. Traffic has increased in outlying areas due to tourism, sporting and special events. The PD has a traffic safety unit with 4 officers, 2 are motorcycle patrolmen who handle special events and traffic control. Traffic issues include speeding, distracted drivers, aggressive driving, a decrease in signaling and not responding to road conditions. Prescott has 7 speed advisory signs.  The Chief said Prescott has 1 High School Compliance Officer who’s position is 75 percent funded by the school district and 25 percent by Prescott PD and a Police Liaison Officer who coordinates with all Prescott schools for threat assessment, safety planning and investigations..
Law Enforcement candidates must have the intellect to learn, be mentally and physically fit with the ability to handle ever changing stressful  situations and a career that usually spans 25  years.
President's Message
Jerry Fohrman
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Good Morning Sunupians,


I am Happy to report that we had a lively and productive round table on Monday night. I am very confident that these round tables are going to help us to improve the direction of are club moving forward. I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.


It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. Leonardo da Vinci  


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