Greeter      Rich Hernandez
         Greeter          Bud Ackerman
 Registration  Rod Cordes
Membership Committee Meeting - Monday, April 9 at 7:00am  at Waffles & More
Sunup Shoot at Gunsite - April 11 - See Val Ripley
Double Down Casino Night Committee Meeting - Wednesday, April 18, 5:30pm at the Palace
Sunup Board Meeting - Thursday, April 19 at 4:00pm at the Prescott Library
Program Committee Meeting - Monday, May 7 at 7:00am at Waffles & More
Double Down Casino Night - Saturday, May 12 at 5pm - 9pm at the Rodeo Grounds
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Meeting Highlights April 4

Welcome:  Richard Hernandez:  Membership Chair Neal McEwen welcomed our newest member, Richard Hernandez.  Richard is the active member of the Yavapai College corporate membership.  He mentioned retiring in 2011,  and being a recovery retiree, and went to work 8 hours a week for the college.  This evolved into a full time job as Director of Regional Economic Development Center.  He is married to Annette and they have 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. 

Great ExtractionsOld Sliver Tongue Rod Cordes was Sarge and asked Sarah Tomsky to tote the spittoon, and she put $5 in the pot. With the Registrar a no-show, Rod stepped in.  Bud and Richard Hernandez did the chore for the missing greeters. Phil Goode was noted for the letter to the editor on his behalf, and we all paid.  Intros got a little mixed up and Jane Anne & Susan Cohen's guest, potential member Betty Borst, RN of Nurses Network was overlooked.  Jane Anne & Susan Cohen volunteered to work the Little League on Thus. 4/6.  SURF has received a large stack of approx. 20 scholarship applications, and with Yoichi's leave, Gus Bergman stepped into the breech to take over and Greg Raskin will assist him.     
Raffle winnerPrez. AJ won and donated it to the Mock Trial group.
Highway 89 Road Crew Road Chair Rod Cordes asked for volunteers to meet him on Thus., 4/5 and 6 members raised their hands. The crew did a marvelous job of cleaning the stretch of Hwy. 89 for which Sunup is responsible for 3 times year. Norm Samuelson, Rod Cordes, Doug Askerman, Larry Noble, Ben Tuttle and Gus Bergman did the cleanup. Thanks guys!
Speakers Last Week  Legal instructor Brenda Lee introduced four of her mock trial club students, and what a sharp bunch of young high school scholars they are! Members of the team are Club President Maddie Jackson, Grace Barrett, Jan Beck and Chris Gundack (also a sax player). There is a once a year competition and last year they finished first and this year second. The team has to practice as plaintiffs, defense, witnesses, cross and redress and opening statements, as they do not what they will be called on to do at the competition.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Howdy Folks!
It's always such fun and an honor to see young adults who are going to make their mark in the world in a positive way! The Mock Trial group was a real treat to meet them and hear about what they hope to do.
Since Rotary is primarily about community service in it's many and varied forms, I am always amazed at the challenge our different organizers (most recently Dan B. and and Mike K.) face in getting volunteers to fill out our work schedules for long or short term projects. I have faith that all our members are willing volunteers just wonder what holds some folks back.
Many thanks to the folks who are the real heroes for being ready, willing and able when called upon.  Case in point, the road cleanup last week. Great job to that crew!
I am especially grateful for the ones who have stepped up to fill assignments when someone misses a meeting. I hope that I haven't tapped some of you too often. I try to spread out my requests but some assignments are limited to certain members or so I understand.
That's about it for this round.
See you Wednesday, I hope!
Peace, friends,
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