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Kevin Pitts

Crutches for Africa

Sunup Christmas Party
Don't Miss It!
December 5th 5:30 pm
St. Michaels Hotel
Dinner - Gifts - Great Friends
Meeting Highlights Nov 14, 2018
Meeting Highlights: Mark Anderson was visiting as a guest of Bud Ackerman. Visiting Rotarians were John Scholl from Chino and Joy and Norm Samuelson from North Whidbey Island Sunrise. Val Ripley announced the Xmas Party signup. AJ Sheridan requested officer nominations for 2019-20. Phil Goode encouraged everyone to increase their use of the Prescott to Denver/LA flights prior to end of the year in order to meet the 10,000 enplanements requirement of a Primary Service Airport.  
Great Extractions: Par Wood was Sarge and Val Ripley toted the pot. Sarge fined Prez for fumbling around with the mike and herself for a Wedbush ribbon cutting advertisement. Greg Raskin paid for his usual no pin and also for way too many Will Rodgers thoughts. Sarge fined her own helper for his women shopper comment and John Stewart for being a Niners athletic supporter. Lots of support bucks for everyone affected by the California fires and for our fire fighters assigned to the fires. Harry Oberg was happy to get his elk and Glen Hammond was happy to see Mark Anderson not in shorts. Gus Bergman won the pot.
Our Speaker for Last Meeting: Ray Carlson substituted and reported on a plane that crashed on the 101 expressway near Agoura Hills, CA on October 23rd. The AT-6 plane that crashed had a history back to WWII and was painted with a German insignia. It was manually controlled but very easy to handle and the pilot was able to walk away unhurt. Ray also told more about Joseph Walker, one of the premier explorers of the early West who had a remarkable ability to figure out and remember geography and topography. When he first tried to go to Santa Fe, he was arrested, but when the Mexicans took over, he was released, and later joined their army and was given special trading privileges. When Mexico negotiated a trading agreement with the US and began encouraging immigration, a decision was made to survey and develop an expanded Santa Fe Trail, and Walker
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-Up.  This holiday message is hopefully short and sweet.  And I am shamelessly plagiarizing one of my favorite writers …
Of all the worldly goods that we hold in common — the one we almost never think about or acknowledge — is the greatest.  We are all in this together after all — not in principle, but in fact.  Ludwig von Mises had it right that his field of study was not economics but Human Action, the name he gave to his great work.  Civilization is a game of inches, and it is built on work — on human action, a gift for which we should be truly grateful. 
Moreover, sharing action (and work) through Rotary is a gift that is amplified.  Again, thanks to all of you for all that you do through Rotary.
November 28, 2018
Nov 28, 2018
Delivering Crutches To Africa
Dec 05, 2018
Christmas Party 5:30pm
Dec 12, 2018
North Star Youth & Teens
Dec 19, 2018
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