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Birthdays:  Karie Hammond 8/5,  Greg Raskin 8/6, John White 8/9
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Future Programs and Events:
Aug. 15 – Ann Steward/John Heiney, Tourism/Heritage Trails
Aug. 22 – To Be Determined
Aug. 29 – Jonathan Audiss, Frame Cad Steel Framing
Aug. 22 – Darla DeVille/M. Rodgers, APS
Aug. 29 – Jonathan Audiss, Frame Cad Steel Framing
Meeting Highlights 8-1-2018
Speaker on 8/1:  Jim Buchanan introduced the president of the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering (AzCPG), Joe Konkel, who had met with longtime rancher Vern Haverfield and his daughter, Claudette. They own the W Diamond Ranch out towards Kirkland. The objective of AzCPG is to preserve Western American history and the cowboy way of life. From that, the history of the Haverfields ranching will be featured as of one of the AZ Cowboy Poet Gathering sessions. Vern Haverfield, now 89 years young, started in Montana and owned a store and a ranch there. Eventually he bought a ranch in Chino Valley, Arizona, as well as ranches near Tubac, King Ranch in Apache Junction, Cross B in Payson, Woods Canyon in Duncan; and a ranch in New Mexico. He retired, and after one month bought the W Diamond outside of Kirkland which he owns today. Joe pointed out Vern's deceased wife and daughter, like most ranch women, played a big roll in the ranch success. 
Joe Konkel and Jim Buchanan thanked the club for all of the support we have given the AZ Cowboy Poets Gathering for many years.
Great Extractions:  Sgt. Clent Walker showed us a new talent, as he auctioned off a framed print from the AZ Cowboy Poet Gathering, which Jerry Fohrman won with a bid of $125. Next, John Stewart won 4 tickets to the AZ Cowboy Poets Gathering with a bid of $50. Many thanks to Jim Buchanan for donating these two fund raising items. Clent was on a roll and had fleeced the whole club on 3 different “gotcha” fines. Josh assisted his dad as spittoon bearer.
Sunup Trivia:  In 1991, Tony Shaw was the president of Sunup Rotary and asked the Board for permission to change a bi-monthly sheet into a weekly stylized bulletin, which was approved. Member David Tate mentioned that his former club in Wisconsin had sold advertising on the back of the bulletin to defray the cost of the bulletin and afford some members an advertising venue, and this was adopted. Then, a committee worked on and devised a bulletin cover format.  A  couple months later, a member said he had visited another club and they had a name for their bulletin.  Eventually, three names were suggested and one morning we had a spirited campaign (one name was a little suggestive), and Sunriser was chosen. 
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
member photo
Good Morning Fellow Rotarians!
“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us to our fellow men.” 
- Herman Melville (1819-1891)
One of my goals for this year is to seek ways to strengthen our Rotary community. Food and drink come readily to mind. To that end, I hope to re-institute the “Member Potluck” dinners that we had several years ago. I will have a sign-up roster available this week soliciting for both participants and sponsors. I’m targeting early October for the first such get together. 
Also, mark your calendars for a very special event. Art Harrington is arranging for the Naivasha Rotary Club water partners from Kenya to be with us for our club meeting on Wednesday, November 28th. This will be a truly unique opportunity in that our club has never had before to physically meet with our Kenya water project partners. It will also be an excellent opportunity for all of us to actually see how their contributions to the Rotary Foundation works to help change the lives of so many people around the world.
Thank you for all you do in our community!
Neal McEwen
Sun Up Rotary President, 2018-2019
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