Meeting Highlights November 15
Great extractions  Mystery Sarge John Stewart drove Jane Dunham' s
beautiful convertible in the Veterans' Day parade  and if you did not attend the parade you paid.  Toting the spittoon was Susan Cohen and Dan Davis won the pot.
Speaker Last week:   Thanks to Billie Orr for lining up a fantastic
Veterans' Day program .  Retired Colonel Jim Kula allowed us the privilege of vicariously accompanying him on a mission in a F4 over Vietnam during the war.  He provided both audio and visual aids and we heard conversation between him  and his flight leader and the  missile striking his plane,  Normal evacuation is at 10,000 feet, but he did at 8400 feet and the mountains in Vietnam are 3000 feet so he had 5400 feet to landing.  He had to steer his chute around ground fire and a lake.  With his hand held phone he communicated with the search plane overhead.  To avoid capture he laid flat on the ground in the underbrush.  The Viet found him and he was walked for 6 hours thru towns to the Hanoi Hilton.  In the towns little old ladies switched his legs as he walked by.  He was confined for 30 days in  a solitary bleak and small cell, and he showed a picture of it.  After 30 days he was  moved to new quarters and eventually to a large dormitory with 25 POW'S.  He showed a video of them walking carrying mattresses and their belongings and he was able to hi-light himself.  He asked Billie to read the letter his wife and parents received from  a General advising of the crash.   For the first time Pictures of 4 POW's were published on the front of a Boston Paper,  which were great for his wife Jane.  Other long term POW families heard nothing about their loved ones.  After 8 months the POW's were given pants, shirts and shoes and the armistice was signed.  A C-141aircraft landed and the prisoners boarded in order from the longest to the recent.   When the plane landed in the USA he noticed his wife at the front of the people on the tarmac edge.
Colonel Kula is a true American hero and we were honored to have him and his wife Jane as our guests.
Kudos Ray:  Ray met with Jim Kula the afternoon before his speech to set up the audio and video.
Presentation to Don Schiller.  Kevin Pitts & ADG Noel DeSousaa visited  to present a plaque to our own Don Schiller.  Don was recognized for being one of the founders of the Mexican-American Conference, which A. J., Todd, Barbara and Art recently attended in Scottsdale.  Well deserved Don.
Christmas Party Signup:  Don't forget to sign up for our Christmas Party
The Future of Sunup Rotary Committee
In the event you are not aware, we are forming a new ad hoc committee dealing with the future viability of our club and attracting more and hopefully younger members. Our first meeting is Monday afternoon the 27th, 4pm at the library. We are interested in assembling a group of enthusiastic Club members to contribute to this endeavor. We are committed to making the Sunup Rotary Club the best community service club in all of Prescott and the surrounding area. To achieve this we intend to evaluate all of our clubs operations, policies and projects. We will explore how we can keep up with the changing times as well as attracting new and younger members. To do this we are looking at accumulating any ideas our members may have. In addition, we will be looking at other clubs and organizations who have been or are successful in building their membership. The trick is to maintain many of our traditions but in a way that doesn’t seem old fashioned and can appeal to a “35 year old professional”.
We would like any Sunup member to join us to discuss ideas we can use going forward. When completed we will submit our findings to the Board of Directors as well as the membership at large. Our end goal is to create a template or a plan for Sunup Rotary to move forward, grow and thrive. Interested members please contact either Bud or Dan.
Thank you,
Bud Ackerman co-chair     Dan Davis co-chair
“The Future of Sunup Rotary Committee"
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Greetings to All You “Rollickin’ Rotarians”,
I trust that each of you had as great a Turkey day as Vickie and I had. It was a nice break and of course, way too much food, parade, football and Christmas decorations (My Mother-in-Laws!).
We can all look forward with great anticipation and excitement to our upcoming Annual Christmas/Holiday Party made possible by the hard work of our superb committee:   A Very Special Thank You in advance to Daneel and Ben Tuttle, Linda and George Steiner, Linda and Val Ripley.  Can’t Wait!
At our most recent BOD meeting, we discussed and endorsed a “Sunup Self-Study group” (Now called the “Future of Sunup” group) to take both a hard and whimsical look at our club’s operations and practices as well as see what best practices we can learn from other clubs and RI initiatives. When completed, they will make recommendations to the BOD to aid us in the development of a 3-5 hear strategic plan aimed at the sustainability of this club. Dan Davis and Bud Ackerman have agreed to be co-chairs and several others have already volunteered to participate. Any others who are interested in making a difference for our clubs future should contact Dan or Bud.  A copy of this proposal will be placed in a document folder on the website for your perusal.
OK, a quick show of hands…… Get em up!..........So how many of you folks prefer the moniker “Rollickin’ Rotarians” to “Sunupians”? Hmmm, if you raised your hand, smile and chuckle a bit…….. but If you didn’t do so, at least smile and laugh with the others!  Either way, give it some thought!
Peace Friends,
             November 15, 2017
Nov 29, 2017
Yavapai Public Health
Dec 13, 2017
ERAU STEM - Planetarium
Jan 10, 2018
Yavapai County Attorney
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