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Bruce Williams
Arizona Prostate Cancer
Last Meeting Highlights
President-elect Richard Hernandez presided over our meeting today as Clent was visiting relatives out-of-state. Richard also guided us in prayer, Val Ripley led us with the pledge to our flag, Phil Goode with the Four Way Test, and Art Harrington led us in our song. Congratulations to Art for taking the pot.
Richard introduced his guest and prospective new member Scott Welby, and we also welcomed back Bill Mosher as our guest. Our president Clent Walker surprised us with Zoom visit from an airport departure lounge. Safe and happy travels Clent!
Thought of the Day by Amy: When you talk you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen you may learn something.”
John Stewart announced that three of the four vehicles involved in the Rotary procession for the Veterans Day Parade were driven by Sunup members, including Jerry Fohrman pulling the float. John also pointed out that we were all very pleased to have Tony Shaw join us for the parade.  Jane Anne reminded our members to look for new and fabulous items on our charity auction website https://www. auctions/sunuprotary-online- scholarship-auction-15979.

Community Service had several announcements: 1) Sunup welcomes and thanks Laura Vanderberg for assuming the position of coordinator of our club’s association with Prescott Area Shelter and Services (PASS), 2) Our club will be in charge of ringing the Salvation Army Bell on Saturday, Dec. 19 from 9 AM to 6 PM on the NW corner of Cortez and Gurley (see email for further details or contact Todd Clancy), and 3) The Salvation Army has assigned our club a family of five for their Adopt-a-Family for Christmas program. Each year our club provides Christmas to family, including presents and stockings for the kids, gift certificates for the parent(s), and a complete Christmas dinner.
Dan Beyer was the Sergeant at Arms and we were all happy to see Val Ripley. The fiber optic cable outage last Saturday had Art scrambling as he had three online presentations scheduled and was happy to have had a hotspot. Jane Anne was happy to announce we are almost at $5000 for the charity auction, AJ happy that Linda Mast and Jerry Fohrman donated big bags of coats to the warm clothes drive, and Katheryn paid for good luck as she travels to Philadelphia with husband, daughter and a ten-foot U-Haul.
Sunup Membership had a windfall this morning as Linda Mast inducted three new members to our club: Linda’s husband Bard Schatzman, Doug Fiske whom Bud Ackerman introduced to the club, and Jean J. Gurga, the new Medical Center Director for the Northern Arizona VA Health Care System. Welcome aboard!
Bud Ackerman introduced our speaker Nigel Reynolds. Nigel was born near Leeds, England and immigrated to the US at the age of 25. After a career in telecommunications he retired in Arizona, where he enjoys exploring and writing about the outdoors and history.
Nigel announced to our club that he would be showing us photos of his travels in Arizona. Nigel presented the club with a slide show that illustrated some of the more unique and historical aspects of locations such as Butte Creek, West Creek Falls, early mining in Crown King, Cherry and Jerome, lava tubes north of Flagstaff, and concluded with photos of donkeys in Oatman, the largest Cottonwood tree in the world, a
family of five for their Adopt-a-Family for Christmas program. Each year our club provides Christmas to family, including presents and stockings for the kids, gift certificates for the parent(s), and a complete Christmas dinner.nd the oldest Alligator Juniper in the world. Thank you, Nigel.
New Member Spotlight
Dr. Bard Schatzman
I am Dr. Bard Schatzman, married 33 years to Dr. Linda Mast. Licensed Counselor & Licensed Psychologist in Missouri where I grew up, and Licensed Psychologist in Arizona. Worked in Private Practice and Community Mental Health Centers each 20 years. College professor since 1980’s, Life member of American Psychological Association. Memoir book, “The Art of Life” and publication of journal articles. 3rd place State of Missouri High School Wrestling Champion.
Laura, our daughter is a Landscape Architect. Lover of cats, dogs, birds and other animals.  Hobbies are lapidary arts and jewelry making. Enjoy physical exercise, i.e. bicycle riding, wrestling, riding motorcycles, and helping others psychologically and academically.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to present myself.
Welcome Bard!
President's Message
Clent Walker
member photo
Greetings Rotarians,
Well, if you don’t already know our President Clent, is taking a little R&R time to be with family back in Georgia. I won’t attempt at this time to substitute his words of wisdom. Hope all of you had a very safe and happy Thanksgiving and remind you to keep in your hearts those that may be struggling this season as well as those away from their families serving to protect our freedoms and liberties.
God Bless you all
Richard Hernandez
December 2,,2020
Dec 02, 2020
Arizona Prostate Cancer Coalition
Dec 09, 2020
Christmas Party!
Dec 16, 2020
GMIHC Learning and Tribute Center
Dec 23, 2020
Merry Christmas!
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December, 2020
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Greeter 1
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Shimizu, Jane Anne
December 2, 2020
Thought for the Day
Chester, Eric
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Ripley, Valard
December 16, 2020
Thought for the Day
Fohrman, Jerry
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Raskin, Greg
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