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Exciting News: Flags for Patriots
After a year into our Flags for Patriots fundraiser we have learned many things. First, people think its a great idea. Secondly, it is possible to erect a flag in the rocky Prescott landscape. Third, people like to not only purchase flags for themselves, but also for veterans. On the other side we believe that the donation cost has been prohibitive in some cases. So we have done some research and determined how to construct flag poles ourselves at a much lower cost while maintaining the same look. The committee believes the new $29 per year donation will allow all our member to participate.
More exciting news! We recently met with the people at HOAMCO, the management company that manages most of the Home Owner Associations in our area. They are excited about our project and will be helping us to get out the word to homeowners. Did you know that HOA members cannot be prohibited from displaying American flags on their property in the State of Arizona? This potentially could be a big boon to our fundraiser. They also asked us to display a flag in their lobby along with signup sheets. By the way you can download a new signup sheet at the bottom of the newsletter or from our website.
Meeting Highlights Oct 11
The club inducted new corporate members Susan Cohen and Elaine Earle from Prescott Living Magazine. Jane Anne Shimizu presided over conferring a Paul Harris fellowship on former member and current  e-club member Steve Cantor.
Ben Tuttle asked for the club’s help in moving the Snack Shack equipment to a new storage unit at 9 a.m. Oct. 30. Ray Carlson called attention to a membership survey for all members to fill out.
Great Extractions: To save time, Sergeant Par Wood fined everyone without a doctor’s degree a buck.  She also nailed everyone who didn’t suck up to the sergeant another buck.
Happy Bucks: Billie Orr promoted the unveiling of a statue to grace the roundabout near the Phippen Museum and an upcoming Town Hall on education. Greg Barstad sought volunteers to help plan and execute the club’s float for the Dec. 2 Christmas.  Jane Anne was happy about an upcoming Chris Botti concert. Dan Beyer was happy about his wife’s painting being in an exhibit.  Eric Chester was happy about leaving for New Orleans to celebrate his 30th “Un-iversary.”  Barbara Oemcke was happy about a recent Utah trip and she was really happy winning The Pot.
Our Speaker:  Penny Wills who has been Yavapai College president since 2011, pointed out that she has been a Rotarian in two different communities.  Although she joined to have a useful bullet item on her resume, she soon learned that Rotary is about so much more –especially giving back to the community.
            She said Yavapai College has three primary goals – Education, Economic Development, and Social and Cultural Development.
            When she noticed a lot of hate speech on campus she launched a Respect campaign that included essays artwork and a You Tube presence.  Students also established an “I Am YC” program to raise money to help students in distress, including a food bank.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
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Happy Monday Fellow Sunupians!
Quite a week for me business wise so did not get to focus on a message for today.   
I did see the notice about the impending World Polio Day, October 14. There is the possibility that we may have an information table at an event in support.  Watch for progress and call for volunteers.
Board of Directors meets this Thursday. Talk with your Board members if you have anything you want brought to the table.
So, do you smile, chuckle, or just wonder what it all means when reading your "fortunes" after dining out Asian and receiving those ubiquitous fortune cookies with your tab? 
Here are a few to Ponder (but not too deeply) :
"Honor yourself. and others will honor you too."
"Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win"
"Art is the accomplice of love."
"Luck helps those who help themselves."
"Remember to go out of your way to do something kind once in a while."
and my favorite (Actually got this one once):  "You will do better in real estate than in stocks."
Enjoy your day!
Peace friends,
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