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Bret McKeand
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Your Sunup Rotary Dollars at Work
During the 2019 Mexico/USA Friendship and Global Grants conference, members of the RC of Prescott-Sunup International Service Committee committed $1000 to support funding of a project called: Drinking Water Multiple System for the Community of San Sebastian, Teziutlan Puebla.
San Sebastian is a small poor indigenous community of about 1500 people (240 families).  The infrastructure of the drinking water system in the town is badly damaged.  Currently the distribution network consists of pipes of different sizes and in different sections, which are in poor condition, but it has a natural spring which can improve the quality of the water supplied to meet the needs of the town.
This project will consist of constructing a concrete holding tank and the installation of a series of valves and PVC pipe to route water to the town center. The Rotary Club of Teziutlan has been involved in two other Global Grant projects of this nature.  The club is engaged with the local government for the construction and maintenance of the new water system.  Based on population growth statistics, this system will supply enough fresh water to meet the needs of the town of San Sebastian for the next 20 years.
This project has been approved by Rotary International and funding is nearly complete.  We will keep you appraised of the progress and results as the Teziutlan Rotary Club sees the project through to completion.
Last Meeting Highlights
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 am by Clent WalkerLaura Vanderberg gave the prayer, Dan Beyer the Pledge of Allegince and Greg Raskin the 4 Way test.
Kristi gave the thought for the day: Be kind to the wishers who haven’t got wishes, Be kind to the fishers who haven’t got fishes, Be kind to the beginners who haven’t got ends, Be kind to the strangers who haven’t got friends, Be kind to the walkers who haven’t a shoe, Be kind to the talkers who haven’t got a clue, Be kind to the outsiders and insiders too, Be kind to the kind confined in the zoo, Be kind in your mind and in all that you do, And you will find that mankind will be kind to you too.
It was reported that the change on the bylaws were few and the changes will be reported next week. Little league International is cancelling all concessions and Yavapai College has a low turnout so the snack shack will remain closed. T&T got the information about the food drive out to various media.
John ‘Jack’ LaDuke was inducted into the club. Jack has lived in Las Vegas where he was in Real Estate as well as St. George Utah.  He has never been in Rotary and he joined because he wants to help disadvantaged people in the community who are not physically able or financially able to take care of their needs.  He saw Sunup’s work on the house cleanup and was impressed.  He would also be interested in the food bank projects.  The club actually sang for he’s a jolly good fellow to him.  It was awful! ( We probably should continue to abstain from singing as long as we are virtual.)
Art Harrington reiterated again this week that the food drive we are having in April is an International Food Drive around the world.  We have involved Prescott Rotary, Frontier Rotary, The Interact clubs and Embry Riddle.  Total 6 different factions of Rotary will be spearheading the food drive at Findley Toyota on April 17th.
Bart and Linda were the SGTS.  The fines were as follows:  No combed hair $1, Slippers $1, Barefoot $2, Did not change underwear since yesterday $2.  Since International Women’s Day is coming up March 8th they asked the men what top spring fashion runway colors were for 2021.  The correct answer was ‘yellow’.  The asked the ladies who won the superbowl and the answer was Tamp Bay Bucaneers, and the half time show was ‘The Weekend’. Most of us gave a buck. 
Jane Anne asked Richard how he got to Yavapai College from UPS.  He said he had been retired for 7 years and he went to work at Yavapai College to get out of his wife’s hair.  He did such a good job for them they hired him full time.  That earned $5 from Jane Anne. 
There were happy buck all around including $15 from Christi for her 15th anniversary.  Greg was glad that he and Glen came back from Utah with no broken bones skiing.We welcomed Lisa Delio, a future member and Par earned $10 happy bucks for being out of the Hospital with covid.  $5 was given for Sharon’s successful 17 stitches for skin cancer.
AJ introduced our own Dr. Laura Vandergerg who is a leadership development professional, certified as a coach through the International Coach Federation (ACC). I'm also the Chief Scientist at Newton Services Consulting, a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. My diverse background in both the scientific and holistic fields allows me to bring the very best of the best practices to assist up and coming leaders and focus on their path. I offer a wide variety of workshops and lectures aimed at groups of all sizes for workplace and personal development. For more information, call me at 307-899-3147 or email
Laura gave her talk on Self Awareness.  She talked about having a strong foundation, So What and How Self Aware are you?  The poll of the 28 members showed that the vast majority of our members believe 90-95% think we are self aware.  10% said self awareness drives them crazy.  She had everyone close their eyes, contrate on their breathing.  Can you feel your breathing in the nose, crossing back of your throat or into your lungs?  Take deep breaths and inhale and exhale.  The members felt, relaxing, calm, I don’t think I have covid and other feelings.  Laura stated that focusing on our breath helps us rest and digest.  Lengthening your exhale is calming as well as lengthening your inhale.  This brings you up checking in periodically.  Get up, walk around, make a certain spot a trigger for how you feel to boost your awareness of your internal state.  WHY?  This is self awareness in action, changing from why to what makes a resolution for self awareness. 
Finally there are three tools for self awareness to build a stronger foundation:  Ask Why, What and How of yourself.
President's Message
Clent Walker
member photo
Greetings my fellow Sunupians,
 I hope your weekend was great and that your week is off to a great start. I would like to take the opportunity to just say THANK YOU to all of our club members. Time after time SunUp has found ways to be of service here in our community and around the world. Please know that nothing has gone un-noticed and I send out shouts of gratitude to each of you for everything that you continue to do.
 I look forward to a great week of Rotary at Work. Please help spread the word and invite a friend. May the rest of your week be blessed and I hope to see you Wednesday.
March 10 2021
Mar 10, 2021
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