Greeter      Dan Davis  

    Sgt of Arms     Greg Raskin
 Registration   Rod Cordes
Anniversaries: Ray and Bonnie Carlson
Future Programs and Events:
May 22 – Double Down Rap up Meeting - Palace 5:30pm
June 2 – Vets Memorial Clean up 8:00am
June 4 - Program Committee 7am Waffles & More
June 6 –  Evening Installation Dinner (No Breakfast meeting.)
June 11 - Membership Committee 7am Waffles & More
Meeting Highlights 5-16-2018
Meeting Highlights: Mike Bennett and Greg Ellingham of Findlay Motors were guests considering corporate membership and Brett Ray was Bud’s guest again this week. Jane Anne, Jerry, and all the members that helped on a very successful Casino Night received well deserved accolades. Ben T. circulated the signup for Installation Dinner on June 6. Dan B. reported schedule changes for Snack Shack.
Great Extractions: Greg was Sarge and Sarah toted the pot. Rex and Jane Baumback were happy to be back from their travels and Steve was really happy that Margorie was home. Rusty, Ben T., and Doug were in uniform and cost everyone else a buck. Terri and Terry were happy their other club was reported in the Rotarian. Tony was happy to transport a pickup load of bikes to children in Chinle. Several were happy that the Sun’s have first pick in the upcoming NBA draft.  Sarge was reminded at the last minute to collect from everyone wearing Rotary pins. Rex won the drawing.
Speaker Last Week: Billie introduced Leslie Grazer, Water Resource Manager for the City of Prescott. Leslie provided an overview of the 2018 Water Management Policy which documents how the City plans to meet current and future demand for water consumption. Water Resources are managing three blocks of water in their portfolio:  Groundwater, Alternative Water, and Transported/Imported Alternative Water. Groundwater is recognized by the state at 9,466 Acre-feet/yr based on demand within the City limits as of 1998 but is not available for additional allocation. Alternative Water is renewable at 7,041 Acre-feet/yr and consists primarily of surface water stored in Watson and Willow Lakes and treated effluent from wastewater treatment. This water has been placed in post-1998 contracts or reserved for future use to support new development allocations. The third block is authorized at 8,067 Acre-feet/yr but depends on completion of the Big Chino Importation Project and is not currently available for allocation.
The City also has an active water conservation program consisting of Water Smart Landscaping, Rebate program, Waste Use Health Check, and water educational programs.  
Casino Night Thank Yous!
Our second annual Double Down Casino Night was a huge success this year thanks to all those who stepped up not only from the Sunup Club but also Frontier Rotary, Prescott Rotary and Chino Valley Rotary. Rotarians that work together on projects and events get more our Rotary and our community. Special thanks once again to Jane Anne Shimizu for chairing the event and Jerry Fohrman for bringing in the tables, dealers, sponsors and drinks. Shoutouts to Ben Tuttle, Dan Davis, Billie Orr, Susan Cohan, Barbara Oemcke, Par Wood, AJ Sheridan, Bud Ackerman and those that stepped up to be dealers. This Tuesday evening at 5:30 at the palace, the committee will have a wrap up meeting to discuss what we have learned to make the event even better than last year.
See the video below or click "read more" to get the flavor of a successful event!!
Check Your Front Yard
Check your front yard and you should see your flag posted out front. If you don't see one then you should sign up for Flags for Patriots. The Prescott Boy Scout Troop spent Saturday morning posting flags which shall remain up through Memorial Day and Flag Day June 14th. It is still not too late to get your flag if you would like one. Contact Bud Ackerman or download a sign up sheet from the bottom of this newsletter. Proceeds go to SURF, US Vets and the Boy Scouts.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Monday Sunupians and Friends!
Check out the video of Casino Night and see what a great event it was! Special thanks to all that made it happen and all those who participated.
Our BOD met on Thursday. Minutes coming Monday. Watch your email.
See you Wednesday,
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