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Robin Sobotta - Airport Update

BirthdaysLinda Ackerman April 8, Xuan Schwabe April 10, Art Harrington April 11, Mary King April 12
Anniversaries:  Doug & Aleta Askerman - April 8
Future Programs and Events:   
April 17 Connie Cantelme – Prescott Economic Zone
April 24 Leland Moreno-Hilburn – Eviation
May 1 Col. Art Saboski – U2 Pilot
Meeting Highlights April 3rd
Thought for the day: A.J. Sheridan – One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
Sgt. At arms Gus Bergman - Happy bucks floated all around.  Gus fined everyone for the basketball playoff no one knew anything about, Marjorie was happy the lower income tax season she volunteered for made her feel fortunate.  Michigan State final 4 gave a happy buck.  Greg visited Ives in Belgium, Barbara Oemke from the VA was happy about all the basket ideas Linda Steiner came up with.  Val was happy about Greg’s socks.  Jane Anne announced we need tickets to be sold for Double Down and we need raffle prize stuff.  Harry Oberg won the pot.
Last Week’s Speaker:  Ron Anderson spoke to us about dangerous drugs.  Ron spend years in the US Navy as a counter espionage agent, many years in pharmaceuticals, a certified first responder medic.  Many say the drug epidemic doesn’t affect them however property values are hit greatly, crime is up and burglaries are up.   MATFORCE is a civilian group that works closely with law enforcement on grants and educating the population.  The opioid crisis has been designated as a state and federal emergency.  We are experiencing the worst crisis in our history.  300 people a day are dying from over doses of opium based products.  The drug situation is the leading cause of death in the US. Every 10 days the number of deaths is the same as 9/11.
Opium based drugs work on receptors in the brain.  Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are legally prescribed drugs and they are a problem.  Fentanyl is great when used by anesthesiologists however street fentanyl is cut into illegal ‘mimic’ pills with no quality control.  There are at least 50 pushers dealing in Prescott alone.  Fentenyal is a synthetic drug and the largest percent comes from China.   Ron believes it is a calculated strategy from China to undermine the US population.
What can we do?  Get educated and watch  your neighborhood.  When the doctor prescribes a opioid ask about alternatives to opium based drugs.  
3rd Annual Double Down Casino Night
Don't Miss Sunup Rotary's Third Annual
Double Down Casino Night
It's coming to the Prescott Rodeo Grounds once again on May 11th, 2019. Casino Night is a fund raiser for all three Rotary clubs in Prescott. In the past we have supported Big Brothers, Big Sisters and YEI. All money raised goes to various local and Rotary charities. in Prescott. Black Jack, Roulette & Craps Tables have been expanded this year for more fun. The Great, Great nephew of Wyatt Earp will be on hand and you may have your picture taken with him. Our silent auction is one of the best in Prescott. Use your chips to win one of many raffle prizes.
Purchase Online Tickets by Clicking below and entering the  code SR when you purchase
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-upians … One of my favorite social commentators recently penned the following … “To my eye, there is more American greatness in a New England town hall than in all of Washington, and more American greatness in an Oregon apple orchard or a Rotary meeting than there is in all the tanks and rockets that ever have been.”    
I couldn’t agree more.  In these fractious times, it is worth reflecting on the purpose and value of Rotary and the positive difference we have made, and will continue to make in our community, in the country, and in the world at large.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller
April 10, 2019
Apr 10, 2019
Prescott Airport Update
Apr 17, 2019
Prescott Economic Zone
Apr 24, 2019
Eviation - The Electric Airplane
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