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Conrad Jackson

History of Prescott Fire Dept.

Birthdays:  Penny Ewell 9/30;
Anniversaries: Ben & Daniele Tuttle 9/28, Val & Linda Ripley 9/29
Meeting Highlights Sept. 19, 2018
Phil Good had the thought for the day. We hear constant claims that our current political environment is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before with vicious personal attacks, extreme partisanship and of course “fake news’.  One the Press, on partisan attacks and on personal character attacks (even within his own party).  Sound familiar?  Our second President and founding father – John Adams during his reelection campaign of 1800 (218 years ago)!
A.J. Sheridan, President of SURF – presented a check to Ida Kendall and her mother Edith for $2000 to support the Anne Roberts Memorial Library.  This shows the great cooperation between Sunup and Prescott Rotary and the matching grant from Rotary International.
Great Extractions: Rusty Parker was Sarge and he rushed us for time. Neal paid for his horrible pirate joke about the 1st day with the hook and then everyone had to put in a buck and it was over.  We surely lost money this day as our speaker finished at 7:45.
Our Speaker for Last Meeting was Mary Treasuer, registered dietetic technician at Yavapai Regional Medical Center, gave us a lecture on inflammation and how it is the root of all evil.  She talked about an Anti inflammatory diet being the indicator of illness.  Acute inflammation is short lived, Chronic inflammation is long term and it is the failure of the bodies immune system. 
Nutrients play a key rol in reducing inflammation.  Bad nutrients are excessive caloric intake, dietary carbohydrate intake, too much sugar, trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids.  Good nutrients are Omega 3, EPA & DHA fish oil, chia seeds, walnuts etc, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, Vitamin E and Pre and probiotics. Make your plate plant-centric, favor quality fats,swap refined grains and sugars for higher-fiber whole grains and nourish your gut microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics with meals to help enhance digestion and contribute to a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Prospective New Members
Bruce Moeller recently moved to Deway from Santa Rosa, CA. He was a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa West since 2013 and president elect of his club prior to his departure.  He is married to Tracey and has a son Daniel. He is a CPA and is presently working in Prescott. Bruce has some sort of fascination with baseball & sports memorabilia. Say hello to Bruce!
Greg Ellingham is a transplant from England and is the Marketing Manager for the Findlay Auto Group in Prescott. He is already talking about a sponsorship for our Double Down Casino Night. He has an interesting background in the British Air Force and for some reason likes to jump from airplanes several feet in the air. Say hello to Greg!
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-upians.  Last week we were pleased to give a generous donation to Immaculate Heart Elementary on behalf of Ann Roberts.  Sun-up Rotary’s contribution to this grant was matched dollar for dollar by the Rotary Foundation, once again displaying the power of collective giving amplified through our participation in Rotary International, and a good reminder that when we contribute to Rotary International, the impact of our giving is felt throughout the world and locally.
“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ―Anne Frank
September 26, 2018
Sep 26, 2018
History of Prescott Fire Dept.
Oct 03, 2018
Change for the Good
Oct 10, 2018
Hemp Oil
Oct 17, 2018
Caborca & Global Grants
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