Meeting Wednesdays @ 6:30 am
The Hassayampa Inn
Next Meeting's Program: Paul Kirchgraber
Executive Director of the Prescott Unified School District

What's Happening


Tim Wiederaenderand Richard Hernandez 

Thank you Tim Wiederaenders

Notes Written by Chelsea Sederstrom  Edited by Lisa DeLeo. 

Guest Speaker Tim Wiederaenders is the Editor at The Daily Courier and Prescott News Network. Prescott News Network is made up of newspapers and news websites featuring content from The Daily Courier, Prescott Valley Tribune and Chino Valley Review.

He is an experienced journalist with a history of working in Newspapers, Media Relations, Community Outreach, Marketing, and Radio.

Tim's presentation "Going through life in the front row" was inspired by his brother. It's a great way to describe how Tim has lived his life as a journalist. 

Throughout his career Tim has covered countless memorable news and events like his first major event, a college Spring Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the riot that ensued.  Or when he got to meet  B.B. King after a concert.  He's covered Rodeo, Sports, Animals, Politics, Weather, Fires, and more. 

Tim was editor in Kingman, AZ where the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh lived for a short time.

The Daily Courier is available in print and digital subscriptions:  Currently Daily Courier gets 2.5 million page views a month online!

It's hard to predict the future of printed news but Tim believes the Courier will persevere!

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Your Health Matter!

Assistant Governor & Prescott Rotary Club President Joe Sweeney wants to get the word out about this opportunity. 

Grapes for Good 

The Frontier Club fundraiser is Grapes for Good.
Sunday, September 25
5-8 pm at Watter’s Garden Center
Tickets are $60 each. 
Pastor Dan Storvick will donate $5 back to Sunup for every ticket we buy!

Double Down Casino Night

The Double down Casino night will be our Scholarship fundraiser. 

Friday, April 21, 2023

We are going to have a committee to plan and execute, but success will take our whole club working together.

Rotary History:   The Sergeant At Arms

Sunup Rotary has an excellent rotating team of Sergeant-at-Arms. But what does that title mean exactly?  Dublin's Rotary Club says: The position of Sergeant-at-Arms is derived from history going back to the days of the Crusades and to the Court of England. The position was established to safeguard the high officials of the crown and/or maintain security and order within the the court and eventually the legislature.

Rotary International Manual of Procedures states "The officers of a club are the President... and a sergeant-at-arms who plays a vital role in allowing the club President to concentrate on conducting the weekly meeting". The function of the sergeant-at-arms is to help maintain an orderly, dignified, and effective Rotary club meeting, one that will make the right kind of impression on club visitors and guests.

Rotary Clubs across the globe list different responsibilities for the Sergeant-at-Arms including: Registration, Making members and guests feel welcome, Raffle, Announcements, Introducing Guests,  Fines, and the most fun parts Spinning the Wheel and Happy Bucks!

Did you know that the U.S. Government's Sergeant at Arms is William J. Walker?

The Honorable William J. Walker was sworn in as Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives on April 26, 2021. He is the thirty-eighth person to hold this post since the House of Representatives first met in New York City in 1789. As an elected officer of the House of Representatives, the Sergeant at Arms is the chief law enforcement and protocol officer of the House of Representatives and is responsible for maintaining order in the House side of the United States Capitol complex. The Sergeant at Arms reviews and implements all issues relating to the safety and security of Members of Congress and the Capitol complex. The Sergeant at Arms also coordinates extensively with the U.S. Capitol Police and various intelligence agencies to assess threats against Members of Congress and the Capitol complex.



Interactive Zoom Workshop - Open to All
August 18, 2022 5:00 - 6:00 pm Pacific Time
World Polio Day is October 24, 2022, and the time to start planning your club events is now!  Join your Zone 26/27 End Polio Now and Public Image Coordinators for an interactive discussion and idea sharing to help make your event impactful and successful.
Each Rotary year since 2007, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed funds for the fight against polio, usually in the form of a match to Rotary donations. This past year, the Gates Foundation offered to match our donations $2 to $1, up to $50 million. 
Thanks to you, The Rotary Foundation reached our goal of $50 million in Rotary donations, allowing us to take full advantage of the Gates match for a total of $150 million for the fight against Polio!
Congratulations to each and every one of you for digging deep to make this happen, especially when you consider that Rotary members also donated $3 million in DDF and $12 million in cash to Ukraine Disaster Relief during this past year. The final Polio donation totals should be available this month. With your continued help, we will eradicate this terrible disease.  

Register for ZOOM here:

In Memory of Rod Cordes

In Memory of 31 years Sunupian Member Ron Cordes. Photos from Rod's last Roadside clean up in Prescott. We Will Miss YOU!

A celebration of his life will be held on August 27 at 1 p.m., at the Mountain Clubhouse, Prescott, AZ.

In lieu of flowers, the family request that donations go to Mile High Middle School to benefit youth who need school supplies.


Meeting Notes

Notes by Chelsea Sederstrom Edited by Lisa DeLeo

Thank you to Richard Hernandez for leading the meeting while Laura Vanderberg is away.  He challenged us with his song selection. Even Art Harrington couldn't keep up! 

Jane Ann Shimizu was the Sergaent at Arms. She conducted a moment of Silence for Rod Cordes.  Jane Ann said: "Rod was the best Sgt. ever!  And one of the greatest rotarians of all time."

Clent Walker, Glen Hammond and Erik Chester entertained us with excellent Mortician and Lawyer jokes. 

John Stewart returned to meeting. Wishing him all the best for his hip replacement in Mid-September. 

Guests included Michelle Holcomb visiting Rotarian from Fountain Hills, AZ Club.  Michelle will serve as the District Governor for 2024-2025. She encouraged us to choose our next President Elect. 

Do you have any announcements, photos of Rotary in Action or notes to include in newsletter? please send by end of day FRIDAY to Lisa DeLeo to appear in the following week's newsletters. 

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu. 928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or

The Prez Says
Laura Vanderberg
member photo



Thank you Past President Richard for standing in for me!
Life is busy these days, and people are busy. We have so much to do that there just aren't enough hours in the day. Our plates are overflowing with activities. And it seems like there's always opportunities to add more onto our plates, like agreeing to take on a SunUp Rotary “job”.  
I don’t know anyone out there who’s just sitting around thinking “Gee, I wish I had something to do- I have so much time on my hands!” And if you do fit that description, boy, have I got some SunUp opportunities for you! 
When our days are overflowing with activities, it’s possible that we don't pause to consider why or why not to take on something else, we typically just take it right on and the plate gets fuller or overflows. But how do (did) we get to this place? Better yet, how can we manage what's on that plate?  More to the point, what needs to be subtracted so that there’s room for the new activity?
Sometimes, in our enthusiasm to take on a new activity, we neglect to consider the consequences of doing so. We may not understand what all is involved, we may not know how much time may be required, we may not realize how this new activity affects all the other things you have going on.
When an opportunity (or a request to take something on) presents itself, what do you do?
Do you immediately say yes? If so, why?
Is it just because there's pressure to do it? Is it because you feel like you have to? Or is it something else?
What will have to come off your plate to be able to do what's being asked?
What if you had a list of questions to ask yourself about an opportunity before you decide whether or not to add it to your plate?
What would those questions be?
Where do service activities fit on your plate?
Take a look at your plate this week, consider how you might manage its fullness.
What possibilities come to mind? 
Looking forward to hearing your replies...   
Make it a great week!
Warmest Regards,


Laura Vanderberg


Prescott Sunup Rotary


August 15, 2022
Aug 24, 2022
Yavapai Regional Medical Center BreastCare Center
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