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Thank you Laura Vanderberg, Sunup President

Written by Chelsea Sederstrom and edited by Lisa DeLeo


President Laura Vanderberg led a “happier & wealthier” club themed conversation with club members to get people to share thoughts about the club, their experience,  and our path forward.
This is the start of an ongoing conversation in the club; one that Laura plans to continue with some level of regularity.  She had a basket of questions and folks got to pick one out of the basket and answer them.
Here are some of  the highlights:
Sharon Harrington emphasized the importance of outgoing board members mentoring new board members. 
Art Harrington and Laura Vanderberg reminded members about the Rotary Leadership Membership course offered quarterly and an opportunity to foster more community service from the club.
Learn more:

Art shared that we are the most youth oriented club, sponsoring 2-3 clubs with reactivation of youth clubs and programs is a focus. Restarting things is a lot of work but necessary. Focus on the youth. We are the most service oriented club. 

He also suggested partnering with use other clubs and young people for our events and advertising them much farther in advance to a greater audience. The best way to grow is through activity. 

John Berry brought up Community Visibility: what can we give to the community and not just what can we get from the community. Also how can we reintroduce ourselves to the community.  It's about service through relationships and being out there.  

He also stressed the importance of working with the next generation and RYLA.  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an intensive leadership experience organized by Rotary clubs and districts where young people can develop leadership skills while having fun and making connections

Matt Greenlee requested more lead time of events to be able to schedule and plan better. Spreading events out over weekdays and weekends would be helpful. 

A.J. Sheridan reminded us that "Humor is good" Also the importance of  members presence in the community and discussed Rotaract redevelopment, making it easier to keep track of things to look forward to for all projects for all 3 clubs and better informed this way. Through Rotaract clubs, young people ages 18 and older develop leadership and professional skills, exchange ideas with community leaders, and have fun through service

Richard Hernandez shared that it doesn't matter about growing a club if it isn't quality members. Quality over quantity is more valuable. 

He also suggested looking for opportunities for members to speak at about Rotary instead of only having speakers come to us. 

Scott Weldy reported that the storage unit is a mess and we need more swag for events for giveaways. New shirts are needed. Sharon Harrington noted RI has a shopping website with free stuff. 

Glen Hammond suggested another casino night fundraiser. This was a multi rotary event that Bud Ackerman and Jerry Fohrman ran.
Other members shared what they appreciate about our club and think is important. Here are a few shares:
Clent Walker values the positive attitude of our members. Anyone can have one! Let it spread through the club and start our days right.
Jane Anne Shimizu appreciates the enthusiasm of our members. 
Scott Weldy appreciates warm welcome our club shares. He was Richard's neighbor and Richard invited him. After learning more from Richard and looking at our website Doing good work in the community is of interest and it's important to keep our website updated with accomplishments and upcoming events to inspire people to join in. 
Glen Hammond appreciates our shared desire to unite in Rotary and do great things hopes despite differences of opinions. Quality people to focus on the mission.
Richard Hernandez stated that he is a morning person and joined Rotary in college. He appreciates and is inspired by being surrounded by awesome people with servants' hearts with the same values. 

Interact Ambassadors Update

Written by Arthur R. Harrington, EA, PhD
Rotary District 5495 Interact Chair

Here is the latest word from David Talbot, founder of Crutches4Africa  on the status of the mobility equipment we shipped, which is still heading to Kenya from Kampala, Uganda, now by truck, ahead of the team's arrival.

There are so many pieces and parts to this immense international service project our Interact District accomplishes each year, which must work together in order to change the lives of so many disabled individuals and their families in Kenya, Uganda and Mexico. 
No other Interact District in the world ever attempts to do anything on this international scale. You are indeed a key element in something that is truly unique in all of the world.
We have faced so many additional challenges this year in making all of this to happen.  Thank you again for your patience and persistence!  I firmly believe it will all prove to be worth it, considering what you are preparing to experience and to accomplish.
He is looking forward to being with the Team Sunday morning at 6:30 in the Delta check-in area, as the team members check in and board 10:14 a.m. Delta Flight 3522, the first leg of an exciting journey to Kenya.   
Edgar and Areli Martinez, our two Ambassadors from Prescott HS Interact, will be reporting to our club on July 20, our first club meeting after they return.

Learn more here: and here:



Looking Ahead:


Interact Club Blood Drive

When: Monday,  July 25, 2022
Yavapai College  Room 19-147, next to the library.
Info: Contact Joe Sweeney for more details

Board of Director Meeting

Jul 16, 2022 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

For more info email:


Meeting Notes

Guest Larry Clow moved up to Prescott from Chandler for his wife's job. He lived there for 12 years.  Larry is interested in joining the club.

Clent Walker was Sergeant and led us in Prayer.

We sang "Grand ol Flag" and  Sharon Harrington shared the Thought of the Day. 

Bud Ackerman joined us this morning. 

Madam President was fined for starting late. John Berry was the last one in. Art Harrington was fined for being in rotary for so long, when he began there was only a one way test. Sharon Harrington was fined for being so happy to not be the bookkeeper. Eric Chester handed out bills and ruined Clent Walker's appetite.

Jane Ann Shimizu reminded us to check out the band Tower of Power. She's going to see them soon! Coming to Mesa, AZ in October. 


Do you have any announcements, photos of Rotary in Action or notes to include in newsletter? please send by end of day FRIDAY to Lisa DeLeo to appear in the following week's newsletters.  

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu. 928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or

President's Message
Laura Vanderberg
member photo



I want to thank everyone who was a part of my “happier & wealthier” club conversation last week because your participation, thoughts and feedback will ensure the continued success of our SunUp club! 
This conversation isn’t over- it’s an ongoing thing, with weekly variation- aren’t you curious to see how this goes?  I know I am!
We’re preparing for our Board Retreat on Saturday, the 16th, and to that end, I invite you to share any thoughts, ideas and/or recommendations with myself or any of our board members beforehand. 
Those of you who have already provided feedback- we truly value those insights and will be incorporating them into our path forward!
And just in case you aren’t sure who’s who in the zoo, here’s the current board and committees below.
The theme of this week’s message is really one of gratitude.  I’m a big fan of this concept.  Sometimes it seems like a simple thank you has all but disappeared from our lives- both at work and at home. 
But the science behind gratitude (and expressing it) is very clear.  Being able to express and receive gratitude brings a myriad of benefits, a couple of which I’ll highlight here:  it improves the giver’s overall sense of well-being (a.k.a. lower blood pressure & better immunity) and it increases the receiver’s sense of job satisfaction (for example Emmons and Mishra, 2011; summarized in Alvarez and Lam, 2020). 
If you’d like the references listed here, please feel free to reach out- I’m happy to share them!
So why not add a little gratitude into your day? 
There are likely lots of opportunities for you to put this into practice- with your spouse/partner, kids, colleagues, direct reports, the grocery store checker, someone who holds the door for you randomly…this list goes on! 
Here's some ways to say thank you in a meaningful way:
  1.  Thank you so much for ____________!
  2. You are too kind!
  3. Thank you for taking/making the time to ________________.  It will help me/us___________________.
  4. I really appreciate your help/support/assistance (for_______________.)
  5. You made my day!
There are hundreds of ways to say thank you- my challenge to you this week is to pick a few (new) and give them a try!  You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!
See you on Wednesday and make it a great week!


Warm Regards,

Laura Vanderberg


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