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If you have an announcement about an event, project, committee meeting or just something really important, your fellow members want to know whats happening at Sunup Rotary. Let us know and we will publish it.
Next Double Down Casino Night Committee Meeting - Wednesday, Feb. 21st 5:30pm at the Palace.
Meeting Highlights January 31st
Meeting Highlights: Yavapai Big Brothers Big sisters thanked the club for our support and for the Women of Influence raising $110,000 for 92 children in the Big program.  Neal gave an enlightening speech awarded Susan Cohen with her 4 Way Test plaque.
Extractions and Happy Bucks: 3 lawyers, Tony, Eric and Glen attacked the club with trivia from before we were all members.  Everyone lost their happy buck in the onslaught.  Eric the litigator had his great shirt on as he raped the membership of their happy bucks.  Ray won the pot.
Our Speakers:  Jack Smith the County Supervisor and Jack Fields District 5 Representative talked about the upcoming May 15th election which is the only issue on the agenda, continuing our existing Jail funding.  This ¼ cent sales tax is 1 penny out of every $4.00 you spend.
What Programs are in place to cut costs and increase efficiency in the Jail?
Pre-arrest mental health diversion strategies
Early Disposition Court (EDC)
Pre-trial release and diversion programs
Coordinated release and diversion programs
Coordinated release program
A dedicated behavioral health unit
Implementation of Veterans Courts
287g Program to promptly identify and transfer illegal immigrants to Federal custody.
Privatization of jail medical services to reduce costs
Use of less costly civilian staff and volunteers
Inmate ‘Co-pay’ programs to partially offset costs for food and medical services provided to inmates.
Double Down Casino Night at Full Speed
Sunup Rotary's largest fundraiser of the year is in full swing thanks to committee chair Jane Anne Shimizu and committee members from Sunup, Prescott, Frontier  and Chino Valley Clubs. They have already lined up a new caterer for food, several sponsors and raffle prizes. Jerry Fohrman has had to order up additional tables expected for a larger crowd this year. Celebrity dealers will be on hand to make it an exceptionally fun evening. If you missed it last year, don't miss this one. Tickets available soon!
Flags for Patriots
Once again we are kicking off a new year for our American Flag fundraiser. We will be posting flags the first weekend prior to Memorial Day in May. It will also fly during five additional holidays during the year. This year we welcome HOAMCO and appreciate their sponsorship and support of our project.
There are many avenues of Rotary and how we contribute to our community. Not only do we contribute our time and talents but also our treasure. Contributing to fundraisers is a mainstay of being a Rotarian and we ask that each member of Sunup contribute to this program. For $29 dollars you can post a flag in a front yard weather it be your own, a veteran's, a neighbor or just a good friend. Proceeds will benefit US Vets, the Prescott Boy Scouts and SURF. Sign up sheets are available for download from this bulletin and the Sunup website.  Thank you to all who have supported this project.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Howdy Fellow Sunupians and Friends
Another week gone but what a week!
As we have moved forward to cover all  the functions that Todd  Clancy was handling on behalf of the club it was great to see people stepping up to fill the gaps. Many thanks again to Dan Beyer, Ben Tuttle, and all those folks who signed up for the YC softball games, the P.A.S.S. meal delivery. It's your "Get-'er-Done" spirit that  reinforces for me why we are the "Wicked Good  Club" in Prescott, AZ! I hope that you agree and take pride in your status!
I still need a volunteer to coordinate projects with CC&J. Let me know soonest who can handle this.
Also coming up I will be seeking some helpers to take picnic tables (One at at time ) to YEI, who has agreed to refurbish them for P.A.S.S.
One more small item. This week the club votes to approve or disapprove the updated club constitution and by-laws. So please finish up your review and be ready to take the action that suits you. The BOD has worked hard to make these updates so that we have clear processes. I hope that they meet with your approval.
Next time you are driving into town on SR 89, Hwy 69 or White Spar, please notice that we have now changed our Rotary Signs for all to see. Thank you Jerry Fohrman for helping with this and for the great ladder!
See y'all Wednesday
Peace Friends!
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