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Birthdays:   Tony Shaw 7/13, Carole Benedict 7/14
Anniversaries:    Dennis & Lynn Light 7/1, Greg & Joanna Barstad 7/8, Greg & Sheila Mengarelli 7/11, Steve Finucane & Majorie Bernardi 7/12, Phil & Toby Goode 7/12
Future Programs and Events:
July 11   –  Sunup Pres. Neal McEwen,  Club Assembly
July 18   –  Sharee Sheets,  Shelter Box Disaster Relief
July 25     Dr. Robin Sobotta,  Prescott City Airport
August 1Jim Buchanan, AZ Cowboy Poets Gathering
August 8Diane DeLong, North Star Youth and Teens
Meeting Highlights 6-27-2018
Meeting Highlights:  Dennis Light introduced his guest Don Devendorf, Prescott Fire Department Battalion Chief. Pres. AJ Sheridan announced that Embry-Riddle Air Race Team would be visiting soon. Also, Sunup Rotary will be presenting a badge box and spittoon to the new Rotary Club of Sedona Village at their Charter event. AJ then finished with a large dose of the “Rotary Urge to Serve” prescription.
Great Extractions:   Jane Anne Shimizu was Sarge and Susan Cohen toted the pot. Greg Barstad paid for calling a SURF meeting and then leaving early. Greg Raskin paid for the good looking girl on his facebook page. Norm Samuelson was sad to report leaving Prescott for Seattle due to family health concerns. Dennis Light confirmed cancellation of the city fireworks event due to extreme fire danger. Tony Shaw told a story about his son flying to the Little League All-star game despite fires and accidents closing the highways from Camp Verde. Lots of appreciative bucks for Norm’s work with Rotary Youth, for Rodeo weekend, and just happy’s. Fittingly, Norm Samuelson also won the pot.
Speaker Last Meeting:   Billie Orr introduced Jon Haass, Department Chair of Cyber Intelligence and Security at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Jon completed his undergraduate work in Mathematics and Physics at University of Wyoming and received a PhD in Mathematics from MIT. He outlined the serious worldwide cyber security threats to the infrastructure of private companies and governmental organizations. The volume and velocity of attacks are so overwhelming that it has become necessary to utilize machine intelligence to combat the threats. Jon is active in serving on state and regional alliances and organizations that combat cyber security threats. Embry-Riddle’s Cyber Security department represents the first degree-granting college of its kind in the United States focusing on training of future security and intelligence professionals at both national and international levels.  Embry-Riddle is also supporting local technology business incubator efforts that will potentially employ graduates in the cyber security field.
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Neal McEwen
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