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Carmen Frederic

Prescott Area Shelter Services


Last Meeting Highlights
Sunups’ first live meeting since the pandemic started, was held at the Prescott Resort and Zoomed simultaneously. President Clent Walker presided, Linda Mast gave the prayer, Don Schiller recited the 4 Way Test and Ray Jacobs led us in the pledge to our flag.
Thought of the day from Glen HammondNo act of kindness, however small is ever wasted.
John Stewart reminded the club about the Vets Memorial cleanup on Saturday 10/17, 8:30 am. Donuts will be furnished. A.J. Sheridan announced RYLA Ponderosa camp will hold a virtual event October 9-10 Friday evening and all day Saturday. Students can register Linda Mast installed new member Christy Manning. Christy is a former member of the Westlake Village Rotary in So. Calif.
Guests : VA Rep Jean Gurka, Phyllis Gong, a friend of Kelly Hong, and Laura Vanderburg.
Sargent of Arms Matt Greenlees’ Arizona trivia test had 5 multiple choice questions. He fined $1 for wrong answers and $1 for all 5 correct and everyone $1 for just being happy.
Phil Goode introduced guest speaker Mike Lamar, Prescott City Manager since 2016. He holds a masters’ degree in public administration, a bachelors degree in political science and was manager of Morgan County Georgia for 11 years and city manager of Trenton New Jersey for 6 years.
Mike spoke of several projects in the works for Prescott:  Repurposing an existing downtown building to house several businesses eager to locate here: Network security, a cyber attack prevention company, Catalyst, comprised of Embry Riddle grads (actual rocket scientists) developing new materials for satellite manufacturing and cyber warfare range for high school students to practice mock cyber wars. Yavapai college has a cyber war fare range and collaborates with Embry Riddle. There are over 1/2  million job openings in the cyber field, many going unfilled.
A second project is Granite Creek Improvements, making the corridor more hospitable  for  citizens and visitors with lighting, signs, trail improvement and improving stream function. The city received a 1.8 million grant, 1/2  from Arizona Land and Park and 1/2 from Arizona Land Conservation. There  will be a federally designated opportunity zone in the Granit Creek area offering incentives to encourage investment in under capitalized and low income communities.
Mike discussed the development of Prescott North and the airport area needing planning improvement and the desire to make the area a self- sustaining community, limiting the impact on down town Prescott. The capital project at the airport is 95 % funded by the FAA, with the terminal scheduled to open in 2021, with the airport and associated businesses to be the hub of Prescott North, with 30 thousand residents expected in the next 30 years.
President's Message
Clent Walker
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Greetings fellows Sunupians,
I want to thank everyone that was able to come out to our first in person meeting since we shut down back in March of this year. It was great to see so many familiar faces in person again. I want to thank Jerry for continuing to keep our Zoom link up and running for those who chose to join us via Zoom. I hope as many of you that can take the opportunity to join part 2 of this year’s virtual Club Leadership Academy.
As we continue to move forward, I ask that we remember to put safety first and Mask Up whenever we can. Thanks to everyone for your patience and support as we encounter and embrace each new opportunity to be of service through our communities. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again at this Wednesdays’ meeting, and as always, remember to invite a friend.
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