This Week's Speaker
Dr. Lisa Hayes
Sharlot Hall Museum UpdateAtten
Last Meeting Highlights
Rotary Meeting 3/31/21
Next week is in person  @ Hassayampa
Follow up from Jerry unknown if we are going to be hybrid
Linda : Prayer
Jon: Pledge of Allegiance
Donna: Four Way Test
Don: Thought of Day Quote: Henry Ford (modified)  If you always do what youve done, you’ll alway keep doing what you are able to do. (on his way to a 3 mile hike!)
Guest: If you are looking for a club, you've found it
Cruizen for vets: Between Texas Roadhouse and Sears, Another group Nation's Finest is going to be involved in this project as well.
Art: Food drive begins with Cruiz’ in for vets ( 3 clubs, rotaract and interact) Planning meeting Monday at 230 reach out to Art for Zoom link.
AJ: From Pat, Tony Shaw had set back, chemo not working, mini stroke, appreciates calls, at the moment is unable to read. Needs our support
Arizona Room : At Hassayampa
Jerry : Sargent Fine Clent two dollars for saying Jerry was his favorite president
Just a misc fine for two bucks.
Happy Buck: Linda Lisa Delalo New Member : 5 Same from Jerry Sharon 5 for Laura for taking over Secretary position  Clent : TY Richard Hernadez, incoming President Lisa, 10 for being part of the club, looking forward to next week Clent: TY to club for all the difficult challenges that we faced over the last  year, Dan 5 bucks, no PJs, Glen 10 Happy Bucks Barb Brice : 10 in person and welcome Lisa Send email of totals to Eric
AJ Introduced speaker : Dr. Annette Karlson, Chancellor of ERAU
From: Sweden, SAAB woked for swedish embassy in WA. DC Then got PHD in NJ, has been at several other universities.
ERAU: Bachelor of Science, best know for Aviation
College of Business Security and Business : New College
Hacking: business and security so that companies dont get hacked
History, social sciences, very diverse offering
Covid didnt impact growth
3500 total class size Tuition funded university
Starting vaccines this week : 100 in 20 minutes
Golf, cross country and beach volleyball : low contact sport
Baseball: first season next year
Use to be Prescott College in the 60’s : New student Union moving programs to grow new building
Very focused on being ECO friendly during construction
Overall goal, when graduating rtg
Center for the Future : City of Prescott Initiative, start ups can use prescott and keeps youth in town
President's Message
Clent Walker
member photo
Greetings my friends and fellow Sunupians,
I hope you all had a good weekend and that your week is off to a great start. I can only say what a ride this has been. With the light of Spring, I’m looking forward to a great Rotary year as the doors of opportunity continue to open. 2020 – 2021 is truly one for the record books. As we continue to serve, may we continue to inspire others to do great things. I look forward to seeing you all in person on Wednesday. Until then enjoy the rest of your week.
 “You don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
April 7 2021
Apr 07, 2021
Sharlot Hall Museum Update
Apr 14, 2021
Yavapai College Sports Update
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