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Birthdays: N/A.   Anniversaries:   Glenn & Karie Hammond 6.26, Dennis and Lynn Light 7.1, Greg and Joanna Barstad 7.8

Program Committee Meets First Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am

Membership Committee Meets Second Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am

Meeting Highlights June 19
Thought for the day by Harry Oberg:  I appreciate the classical philosophers (Aristotle, Plato & Socrates) whose ideas have stood the test of time:  “You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.”     Aristotle
Guests: Ayden Bruce and her mom Barb, Dennis Berquist, & Stacey Williams of Discovery Garden.  Ayden is a SURF Scholarship recipient and thanked the club for their support. She will be at ASU in the fall as a music major and will continue to pursue her passion for community service. 
OTHER: Todd discussed the upcoming LL All Star games and passed the sign up for Snack Shack.  A.J. passed the sign up to help with he chairs for a tour group on Saturday, Neal/Jerry: A.J. is taking on the Youth Services Chair and they need a Communications Chairperson. Yoichi announced a Raffle and pancake breakfast to support Discovery Garden.  Art Harrington awarded Glen Hammond his PHF pin.
New Member Induction: Clay Turpin hails from Oklahoma, graduated from OSU then joined the U.S.Marine Corps. Spent 4 years at Camp Pendleton.  Met his wife along the way and she brought him to Prescott. He is the Marketing Executive for SC Accounting, and the Prescott Young Professionals Association Outreach Coordinator. Likes Rotary as good way to serve Prescott community.
Sgt. at Arms: Hit the greeters and the soon to be past Prez and new Prez for not greeting our guests who came in just in time for breakfast!  Oops, no IOUs so all put in a buck, lots of happy bucks and scooters. Also welcomes to Clay T as our newest member and our scholarship recipient Ayden and her mom. Rusty Parker/Toter won the 50/50 pot.
Speaker: Steve Pierce, Legislative Update. Harry Oberg made the introduction. Steve Pierce is a dedicated Arizonan with many accomplishments as a legislator and active community member with many ties to Prescott. Senator Pierce passed along Karen Fann’s apologies for not being here but will try to come in the future. His legislative update touched on many aspects of the state legislature in terms of character/atmosphere and also actions taken, similar to Washington it is also very divided along partisan lines. They did pass the $11.8 million budget and also, the Wayfare Tax calling for online sales to pay taxes as do brick and mortar businesses. They addressed texting while driving and this goes into effect in Jan ’21. It was opposed as an infringement on rights, but it is also an infringement on people’s safety. They passed $7 million/yr. for the PSPRS issue. There were many other bills considered, 1300 in all. Not all were acted upon. Some were, in his opinion superfluous like the Lemonade as state drink and legalizing Nun chucks. Their time could have been better spent. Also authorized a study for widening I-10 south of Phoenix where it crossed reservation lands and $130 million was committed to phase 1 of the emergency/alternate road on I-17 N of Black Canyon City. Steve also discussed the proposed power generation project on the Big Chino from a Canadian company that is being studied and another similar project at Hoover Dam/Lake Meade. He finished up with noting that both he and Noel Campbell are stepping down at the end of their terms and advised there is a need for good people to be replacements.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-upians.  So here I sit in the throes of lame duckness trying to conjure up my penultimate news missive; helas, to little or no avail.  Obviously, it is too soon to bid adieu to this office with expressions of appreciation (saving that for next week), so I will simply wish all of you all the best for the week to come.
To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. – Anatole France
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