Meeting Wednesdays @ 6:30 am
The Hassayampa Inn
Next Meeting's Program:  District 5495 Governor Larry Horton

What's Happening


Don't miss this week's meeting! Guest Speaker District 5495 Governor Larry Horton

    Here are some of the  highlights of Larry’s many accomplishments:
  •      Honorably retired police officer
  •      Self-Storage Owner / Investor
  •      Member of the Rotary Club of Tempe Rio Salado since 2011
  •      Co-Founder of the club’s satellite club: Camelback Crossroads 
  •      Holder of every leadership role in his club (including Club President) as well as President of the satellite
  •      Rotary Group Study Exchange participant to Australia
  •      Assistant Governor
  •      RYLA Mentor, Counselor Coordinator, Planning Committee
  •      Sydney and Toronto Rotary International Conventions Attendee
  •      Youth Protection Officer
  •      Club Leadership Academy Facilitator
  •      Master of Ceremonies - PETS
  •      Emerging Rotary Leader participant — 2019 Rotary Zone Institute
  •      Married  to Jenn — also a member of CXR)
  •      Two children: Angel (24), Emory (4 months)

Blood Drive Thursday, October 6th

Cathleen Cherry our Interact Club Advisor at Prescott High School reports: 
"One of our PUSD students is in need of blood transfusions and our JROTC is hosting a blood drive to help.  Can you please share with your Rotary networks to raise awareness and recruit donors?
In addition, the PHS JROTC has scheduled another drive in December which coincides with the virtual blood drive challenge for Interact and our club has already pledged to help recruit and register donors for that.  I'll share specific info on that when I know it.
And THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this info for Braden's sake."
Cathleen Cherry



Trunk or Treat | Special Events | Allegheny County

Trunk or Treat Volunteers Needed 

Saturday, October 29th
Location TBD
Time TBD
Contact Steve for more details: or 520-260-3940
Click here for some fun ideas: Trunk or Treat Ideas
WMCC Holiday Party, Dec. 2 @ High Horse – Climb Gneiss

Holiday Party Wednesday, December 7th

Has been reserved for Wednesday, December 7th! Look for more details to come.

Ideas? Please Contact Chelsea for more details:


Double Down Casino Night

The Double down Casino night will be our Scholarship fundraiser. 

New date and location are TBD in the very near future!

Look for more info from the planners! 


Action Plan

Rotary’s Action Plan through 2024: to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase our ability to adapt.

Learn more here: Rotary Action Plan



Meeting Notes

Notes by Chelsea Sederstrom.  Edited by Lisa DeLeo

Our speaker was unable to attend but we shared a lot of laughter and  camaraderie.

Quote of the Day from Dan Beyer: "Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 how you respond to it." Charles R. Swindoll American Clergyman

Clent Walker asked for the Tabernacle Choir to join in on "Anchors Away" and it was fabulous.

Val Ripley was the Sargent at Arms. He received a fine for his 38th Anniversary.   

Matt Greenlee reported that the Roadside clean up was a success!

Visitors: Ken from the Frontier Club visited and announced that they are reactivating a youth exchange program.  Congrats on earning $75,000 from Grapes for Good  Fundraising event!

Todd Clancy returned from a breathtaking trip to Colorado.

On the Mend: John Stewart is recovering from his recent Surgery and Sharon Harrington is feeling better as well!  Send them your well wishes.


Membership Committee Chairperson Needed 

Contact Laura Vanderberg for more details:, or Club Service  Director Scott Weldy







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Do you have any announcements, photos of Rotary in Action or notes to include in newsletter? please send by end of day FRIDAY to Lisa DeLeo to appear in the following week's newsletters. 

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu. 928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or

The Prez Says
Laura Vanderberg
member photo



Cambridge Dictionary defines a volunteer as “a person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly or without being forced or paid to do it.” 
We are all volunteers in a volunteer service organization.  Sometimes we forget that every aspect of our organization is volunteer-based, not just the community service activities that we do. 
Our members volunteer to serve on our Board, our members volunteer to coordinate activities and events, our members volunteer to undertake activities that make meetings happen, they join committees to bring in new members, arrange for interesting programs, raise funds for our projects, the list goes on. 
This all happens in the midst of our normal day to day lives which may include full time jobs, caring for others, travel and other activities that demand our time and attention. 
In light of reality, I’d ask that we all be patient with one another when it comes to club-related tasks and duties.
Sometimes we forget just how much work goes in to what seems to be a pretty regular thing- because we have volunteers who have stepped in to routinely make things happen seamlessly. 
It is through the willingness of all of us, as volunteers in all aspects, that we’ve come together as a Club that laughs a lot, meets regularly at a great location, has wonderful programs, and donates our valuable time and money to do great things for our local and international communities. 
I for one, am grateful to be a part of this group of volunteers that make SunUp SunUp!
This coming week, Governor Larry Horton will be visiting us at our regular club meeting.  He too, is a volunteer- sharing his time and energy at the District Level. 
He’s spending time away from his family and traveling to meet with all of the Prescott Clubs. 
On behalf of SunUp, won’t you join us at our meeting on Wednesday to recognize him, and be recognized as part of our amazing volunteer coalition? 
I hope to see you Wednesday morning!

Laura Vanderberg


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 Help Spread Sunshine:  If you currently know any Rotary members who are going through challenging times or if you'd like to volunteer to make calls and send cards to members and their families during sickness, hospitalization or loss, contact Laura Vanderberg <>