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Tim Wiederanders

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Birthdays: Ives Devos, Dec 16, Martha Edwards, Dec 19, Steve Finucane, Dec 23, Sheila Mengarelli, Dec 29, Sarah Tomsky, Dec 29, Terri Smith, Dec 30
Anniversaries:  None this week
Meeting Highlights Dec. 12th
President Neal gave a talk about blending in and living the 4 Way Test of Rotary, taking the founding principles of this country seriously in everything we think, say or do.  Neal said “It is not about blending in but about standing out.  Thank you El Presidente!  Ray Carlson had a lovely thought for the day.  “Joy in looking and comprehending is natures greatest gift.”
Great Extractions: Greg Raskin was the SGT. Phil Goode was glad Army beat Navy.  Clent said Army couldn’t beat Navy on the water.  Canyou play football on the water?  Josh was happy everyone was here. Greg fined everyone for not being at the impromptu meeting at Costco last weekend with Val and Linda, Dennis Light, Jane Anne and MarjoriePar was sad she was late as she got toasted at toastmasters the night before.
Diane Delong, from Northstar Youth and Teens was our guest speaker.  Northstar Youth Partnership focuses on empowering youth to make healthy choices and create positive changes in their community.  They organize youth-led community and school-based projects so youth can learn how to make valuable contributions to their community and see the results of their work.  Through service-learning, teens develop a tool-kit of live skills that promote confidence, connection and leadership.  Northstar offers parenting workshops to better communicate with teens about crucial issues.  They also provide physical and educational activities to help girls discover sports.  Northstar believes learning should be fun and memorable through their programs like Peer Assistance and Leadership, Baby…Ready or Not where teens get a taste of parental responsibilities after spending a weekend with computerized life-like dolls.  Girls Talk, Safe Sitter  Priceless Prom (free prom attire helps lighten financial burdens of the event as well as a “pay it forward” recycling project. and Teen Maze, a nationally recognized life size game board event that helps teens to understand consequences of life choices.
Pres Neal wishes a Merry Christmas to the St. Michaels staff and presents them with a gift in an envelope. They do a great job for us all year long. Thank you!
The Senior Chair Guard. In the early morning before the Courthouse lighting AJ, Greg & Bud volunteered to secure 75 chairs for seniors bused in from the Valley. The tour company contributes $300 to Sunup every year for helping them out. Thanks for stepping up gents.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-Upians … Here’s wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Season’s blessings and safe travels during this holiday time.
Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.
Dr. Seuss
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