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Art Harrington
Fiduciary Duties of Rotary
Sunup Round Table Information
We sent out an email earlier this week about our 2nd annual Round table discussions and questionnaire. We also mentioned it at our Wednesday meeting. This year, because of COVID, we won’t be able to gather in members’ homes like we did last year. I will miss that. Instead, we will be sending out a questionnaire online Monday evening to get your views on what our club is doing well and what we can improve on. I know that one of the things that makes a club great is member involvement. I also have come to realize what true servants hearts our members have.
When you get the link, it will take you to a two page survey. The first page is for your comments and general feedback. Your opinions matter, so please take the time to help us make the club even better than it already is. At the bottom right of the first page is a button that will take you to the second page.
The second page is where we need to do some soul searching. Our club is a great club and I am proud to be a member but, If we are really honest with ourselves we would agree that some members are more involved than others. We all have “lives” that demand our time but I know you know the feeling of wholeness and fulfillment when we are able to personally help others. I’m asking that when you get to page two, choose to get actively involved. Trust me, you will get way more back than you give.
At the bottom right of the second page is a button that will submit the survey.
Again, thank you for all you do. Have a blessed day, Richard
Last Meeting Highlights
  1. Meeting called to order at 7am on February 10th 2021 by Clent Walker : President
  2. Prayer was lead by Clent Walker
  3. Pledge was lead by Glen Hammond
  4. Four Way Test  was lead by John Scholl
  5. The thought of the day was provided by Theresa Smith : “I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” - Winston Churchill
Richard Hernadez: The roundtable questionnaire will be sent out via email on February 15th, please keep an eye out for that (See details above). 
On Saturday the 13th we will be participating in an event at the Prescott Gateway Mall set up at 730 and the event is from 9a-3pm. We are still needing volunteers.
An email was sent out in regards to the Rotary Foundation Guidelines and the contributions that are being made moving forward. Due to pandemic donations have been down. There are new guidelines in regards to match protocol. Please reach out to Art if you have any additional questions.
A SURF board meeting will be held briefly after meeting.
Guests: Welcome! Barb Bruce, new corporate represenative from Touchmark and Honorary member Don Schiller 
Sargent: Greg Raskin
With Valentine's day around the corner Greg was encouraging all attendees to visit him and warned if they didn't they would be seeing Clent soon to follow. School is back in session, John Scholl informed us the Chino Valley District will be doing a four day week starting Tuesday. A rumor was started that the property values in Richard's neighborhood will be declining due to his presence. Greg is building a new home and prayers were asked to be made for his in-laws who have to cohabitate with him until the project is complete. Glenn Hammond made some promises about the weather in Utah so will need to pay a fine. Jerry Fohrman's vintage century link card was spotted at the Dinner Bell. Jane Anne is a beam of sunshine and is thriving in the current state of our world with her business. Bob will be at the Hassayampa Friday 5pm-8pm so come say hello. Today was Roy Loo's Rotary Anniversary! Richard's friend came by and friend said value of property went down. Greg builds a new home, with in laws no prayers for having to live with them, fined everyone . Art is bummed because Junior RYLA will have to be postponed another year. Phil Goode reported that the vandal tagging Prescott has been caught and that Boutique Airlines starts to fly next week out of Prescott.
Katheryn Tuberty introduced our speaker Trevor Anderson, a comedian and Naval veteran who brought a welcome change of pace with light humor to our meeting.
Member Spotlight
     Teresa Smith
Born and raised in California. Met my husband in Napa, married in 1966 and lived there until 2004. We built a home in San Felipe Baja Mexico to live part time and moved to Prescott to be closer. We came thru Prescott in 1977 on our Honda Goldwing after visiting the Grand Canyon. No children. 3 dogs. Hobbies scuba diving, hiking, kayaking and dog walking. Joined 1st Rotary Club in 2011 in San Felipe, president 2013-2014.  We have been here full time since April of 2018 when we sold home in San Felipe. Prescott is a great place to live!
President's Message
Clent Walker
member photo
Greetings my fellow SunUpians,
I hope some of you got the chance to join this year’s virtual USA/Mexico Friendship Conference.   In the current state in which we find ourselves and the constant reminder of COVID-19 and all the negative things happening in our country and around the world. Today I want to focus on all of the great and positive things that Rotarians are doing here in our community and around the world.  Often times we fail to acknowledge the quiet heroes working endlessly behind the scenes to make things happen. To me, all of you as Rotarians, are one of those groups of heroes.
Thanks once again for everything that you do. I hope to see you all Wednesday morning and remember "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"….Chinese proverb
February 17 2021
Feb 17, 2021
Fiduciary Duties of Rotary
Feb 24, 2021
Retirement and Senior Living Options
Feb 24, 2021
Retirement & Senior Living Options
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