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The Power of Sunup

When you help others something very important comes back into your life. There are people, right here in our community who may need our Rotary club...and the Power of Sunup. They may be hungry; they may be hurting; they may be cold; they may be homeless or live without hope of a better life. But when we Rotarians reach out and touch their lives, our lives will be so much better.


Old Chinese Proverb:

If you want happiness for an hour - take a nap

If you want happiness for a day - go  sing

If you want happiness for a week - take a vacation

If you want happiness for a month - get married

But if you want happiness all of your life - reach out and help others

Meeting Highlights Sept 27
Sgt. at Arms:  After initial confusion over whether Jane Anne Shimizu or Gus Bergman was the sergeant, Gus proceeded to fine Jane Anne for taking someone else’s toast out of the toaster and putting hers in.   He relented when Jane said the toast in the toaster was burning, and she was providing a public service by removing it.  Happy bucks came from John Stewart for cancelling his Dish service and getting a refund in protest of the NFL kneeling controversy; Rusty Parker for getting his car back from the shop; Dennis Light for not having to go to work over fire in the toaster; Dan Beyer for the Dallas Cowboy win; Ben Hansen for resolving his identity crisis and finding his name badge plus five happy bucks for his wife, Barbara, in gratitude for the great job Greg Raskin did in making award plaques for a work seminar she was organizing. The Pot: Dennis Light won the drawing.
Presentation:  Dennis Light and Glenn Hammond came forward with a special presentation to benefit the family of Valerie Creek who died in a freak bicycling accident. On behalf of the Prescott firefighters, Dennis presented Mathew West, Quincy’s Big Brother, with a $1,000 check for Quincy’s support.
Our Speaker: Fellow Rotarian Greg Raskin shared his experiences in running the New York Marathon.  He said his run had its beginnings when he used a friend’s treadmill on a visit to Telluride, Colo., which got him hooked on running.  After running in the Whiskey Row 10k, his son, Alex, urged him to apply for the New York Marathon.  Participants get into the marathon in three ways – by lottery, by record running times or by buying in with a charity donation. Some NY Marathon statistics: Entrants numbered 52,000, finishers numbered 51,500. Top prize was $100,000 each for the top male and female. Greg finished 4,800th with a time of three hours, 31 minutes and 43 seconds which was one minute and 43 seconds short of qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. Greg said stopping along the way to kiss his wife and high-five his son cost him the minute and 43 seconds. The male winner had a time of two hours and seven minutes; the female, two hours and 24 minutes. The event drew more than a million spectators.  It had 2,000 portable toilets along the way.
Change in Rotary
Probably the most prolific change within Rotary occurred in May 1987 when the US Supreme Court decided Rotary membership could no longer be based on gender. My old club was only two years old with most of us in our 30’s and 40’s. But I remember some of the old timers grousing that the change would ruin Rotary and that if our club admitted a woman they would leave Rotary. They were against change saying it would ruin our comradery. Within a year or so a young woman by the name of Carol, co-owner of an investment firm, joined. We did have to tone things down a bit but she was definitely not a wall flower. I was really impressed that during our Christmas meeting she was asked to sing Christmas carols for the group, about 80 men. Wow, all in A cappella. She is still an active member today and has led a project for several years in Africa. With funds from her Rotary Club, the district and herself she built a school from scratch in Zambia, provided books and staffed it. She continues raising funds today thru her  Africa Hope Fund a sizeable non-profit in Sacramento. Our change worked out for the better. By the way, no one resigned from the club.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
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Good Day Fellow Sunupians,
I hope that you found Gregs' presentation about his NY Marathon experience as inspiring as I did. Thank you Greg for putting this together for us.
So, it's October already. Time sure flies when having fun.  It is also time for "Don Shaffers' Coats For Kids"! I don't know if many have heard about this before. I may have mentioned it last year.  This program collects winter coats for kids of all ages.  It is sponsored via Prescott Area Realtors Association (P.A.A.R.) and I am heading it up this year.  This year our committee voted to name it for Don Shaffer who began this program many years ago and he passed away last year so we have chosen to honor him.  Don was a respected area realtor and a great friend. We have collection boxes at all the Prescott Schools and the Adult center on Rosser st., and one should be a True Value on Miller Valley Rd.starting October 2 or 3 and running until December 4. We distribute the coats to P.A.S.S., Stepping Stones, and to Veterans organizations.  It has to be local. And yes we get all sizes, adult and kids. If anyone is closet cleaning, or just wants to pick up coats at Goodwill or other sources and bring them in I will collect them for you.
So, I hope that you are all enjoying this nice moderate weather and out doing good deeds for our community.
Peace Friends,
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