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The Hassayampa Inn
6:30 am


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Pollyanne Cady
Rotary Institute: Need to Go!
Last Meeting Highlights
April 14, 2011 meeting minutes
The meeting was called to order at 0700.  The prayer was given by Linda Mast, the Pledge by Bud Ackerman and the 4 Way Test by Ron Williams.  The song again was America and we sang it beautifully.  Dennis had a guest, Mr. Jim DeLong the new Police Administrative Officer and Assistant Governor Ron Williams brought Joe Sweeney the next Assistant Governor.
Announcements:  Jim Huffman reminded everyone about Cruise in for Vets and the food drive sign up sheet.  Laura was signing folks up for the New member mixer on May 20th.  Last Saturday’s cleanup event in Paulden was a huge success.  The crew overcame a few issues but it all worked out great.  Thanks to Greg Barstad for his two trailers and Jack LaDuke for bringing the tools.
Thought for the day from Terri Smith:  If you want to make peace you don’t talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies.  Benjamin Netanyahu
Val was SGT and he digned Clent $5 for his very cute bow tie.  John Stewart was fined for not setting up and was made to spin the wheel, followed by every other table spinning the wheel.  Greg Raskin was given a $10 IOU for not coming to the meeting and helping the SGT.  John Jack LaDuke was fined for his hat and his socks did not match.  Jerry gave $10 and he then paid for JA’s $5 happy bucks because her daughter is coming for a week to take a class at Gunsite.  Lot’s of happy bucks for Cruise In for Vets and the food drive.
Brad Clifford gave the Yavapai College Sports Update.  He reported that last March the seasons were cut short because of covid.  All classes were online and the coaches did zoom meetings.  They had a few practice sessions in the fall.  Baseball and Volleyball came back in Spring.  Students had to follow protocol and 1 girl was sent home for not following protocol.  Yavapai was the only college in Arizona not affected by covid because the kids did a decent job of wearing masks inside and outside they social distanced.  The Volleyball team won all the championships and baseball took 6th place in the state.  The soccer team is in the 4th game of this season.  Brad then gave us the reasons why athletics matter in College.  Learning happens inside and outside the classroom.  If you want to be a CEO later, play sports now.  It makes you a team player in life.  Yavapai’s GPA success:  Fall of 2019 58 student athletes had a 3.19 GPA or higher.  Spring was even better.  The athletes spend 1000 hours each year in community service.  The cost of a student athlete is les because the college pays 58.4% of their expenses.  He also stated Esports is huge now.  Brad then introduced Andre Luciano, the new shoes of retired Mike Pantelome.  In 1989 and 1990 Andre played soccer and was recruited by Mike Pantalome.  32 years later he is now the coach at Yavapai College.  He only left because he got a full ride to Indiana University.  Andre stated he will honor the traditions of the past but start new traditions as well. 
President's Message
Clent Walker
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Greetings my friends and fellow Sunupians, the Rotary Week of Service is off to a great start. Thanks to those of you who were able participate in the Cruise-in-for-Vets Car Show and Food Drive. Keep your eyes open for “Rotarians Crossing” signs around town as we engage in one of our biggest endeavors yet. So, let’s get out there, have some fun, and inspire some folks to become new Sunup Rotary members. Enjoy your week and I hope to see you all at this Wednesday meeting.
“Whatever you do, always give a 100%. Unless you’re donating blood”
-Bill Murray
April 21 2021
Apr 21, 2021
Rotary Institute: Need to go!
Apr 28, 2021
Launch Pad Teen Center Update
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