Greeter       Larry Noble  

    Registration     Dennis Light
      Greeter     Neal McEwen
Birthdays:        Dan Davis 6/15,  Mike Oemcke 6/15
Anniversaries:    Jerry & Janet Fohrman 6/14
Future Programs and Events:
June 20  –  Glen Hinshaw, Owner and Founder of RESA
June 21  –  BOD Meeting @4pm Prescott Library
June 27  –  Dr. John Haass, Artificial Intelligence
July 4     –  DARK
Meeting Highlights 5-30-2018
Meeting Highlights:   Todd Clancey was welcomed back and Pastor Dan Storvick was a visitor from Frontier Rotary. Neil McEwen inducted new member Mike Bennett representing Findlay Motors. Prez AJ Sheridan called our attention to the Club Runner member survey requested by the Board and reminded everyone that we would be dark next week for the installation picnic. John Stewart reminded members about the
All Vets Memorial cleanup and waxing Saturday. Dan Beyer reported $7,000 income and $665 jar donations to Little League from Snack Shack.
Great Extractions:   Rod Cordes recruited Art Harrington as a new Sarge. He extracted $5 from Jane Anne Shimizu to retrieve her jacket and auctioned off a vintage "Duck Race" T-shirt for $10. Sarge charged fines for not flying a flag, not serving as a youth exchange host, not helping with Rotaract, not working the Snack Shack, and not serving as a club officer. Jerry Fohrman was happy going to Vegas and Dan Beyer  was really happy winding down another successful Snack Shack season. Lots of other just happy's. Jerry Fohrman won the drawing.
Speaker at 5/30 Meeting:   Linda Ojo, Tribal Culture Research Director, spoke on the history of the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe. From prehistoric times to the early 1860s, the Yavapai Tribe lived within the 9 million acres of central and western Arizona. A 75-acre Yavapai-Prescott Reservation was established in 1935 from land transferred from Fort Whipple and later increased by 1,320 acres. The Yavapai-Prescott Tribe was the first Arizona Tribe to receive a state Gaming Compact and they also secured their water rights through federal legislation passed in 1994. Beginning in 1980, the Prescott Resort, Bucky’s Casino, and the Frontier Village Shopping Center were developed and established.
Installation Dinner
This past Wednesday evening Sunup members gathered at the Ramada at Goldwater Lake for our annual installation dinner. Val Ripley was MC and asked each table to come up with something to say about outgoing president AJ or incoming president Neal. AJ received accolades from Board members Jerry Fohrman, Larry Noble, John Stewart and others for his leadership in our weekly morning meetings. Rod gave a big shout out to AJ for initiating the Club Runner newsletter.  Jane Anne is still perplexed on the rearrangement of the podium and screen, however. A big welcome to incoming president Neal. We reminded him our meetings are held on Wednesdays. Anyway it was a lot of fun and if you missed it you missed out on some great comradery and great food!
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Monday Fellow Sunupians,
I am sure that Neal will join me in extending a very special thank you to our "esteemed Rotarian colleagues" who were able to attend the De-Installation and subsequent Installation Party on Wednesday, June 6. It was a great night, of fun, friendship, great food and welcome libations!  Quite the Wing-Ding really!
I thank all our members for the opportunity to have served you as your "Wicked Good Prez!"
Just have 3 more meetings and 1 BOD meeting! I think we will make it!
I extend my best wishes to Neal as he takes up the reins in July! I know that he will be a great president!
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Owner & Founder of RESA
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Artificial Intelligence
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