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Program Committee Meets First Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am


Membership Committee Meets Second Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am


Board of Directors Meeting Thursday September 19th 4:00PM Prescott Library Elsie Room


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Meeting Highlights August 21st
Meeting Highlights: Todays Thought: Dwayne: Re Savings/retirement: Don’t save what is left from spending, spend what is left from saving.” – Warren Buffet
Guests: Jaiden Gatson, speaker, Leslie Golich.
Announced:   Todd thanked all those who donated to PASS. Noted upcoming yard clean up Details next week. Terry Smith: Road Clean up on Sept. 7. & thanked those who contributed to the Vocational Fund. Jerry: Sgt meeting following this one.
Sgt. At Arms: Val Ripley:   John Steward for hijacking the meeting (attempted), Assigned us all to wash our cars by Fri to stimulate the monsoon. Numerous Happy Bucks!  A Very Thankful crowd! Art thanked Jaiden for driving up from Phx for our meeting! Thank you Jaiden. Jerry fined Val for missing the head table for H Bucks!! Greg Barstad advised he had a great time with Paintball at Pinerock!
 Speaker:  Art Harrington introduced Jaiden Gatson. Jaiden has been a RYLA Delegate and more recently has been the 5495 Interact ADG and selected as 1 of 6 Ambassadors to Kenya with Crutches 4Africa this past summer. She is planning on becoming a physician and will be studying at NAU this Fall.  Jaiden first thanked the club for our belief in, and support of the program. She went on to highlight this years trip using a great PowerPoint with pictures of the people they met and the areas they were in. They delivered a great number of crutches, wheelchairs and walkers plus much needed medicines to several areas in Kenya. They had some issues with supply as the import laws have changed so they had to send the conex box to a neighboring country and Rotarians there trucked them into Kenya. Due to this work around not all the shipment was in time for them to distribute. That was hard as they had to tell kids and others that their aids were coming later.  They met a lot of local people and youths both in villages and in boarding schools. In the villages they had to first introduce themselves to the village elder before interacting with the rest of the village. The adult advisors and Ambassadors participated in a water walk where villagers travelled several miles with donkeys carrying buckets to get needed water. This gave them a perspective on the challenges of life there. They also visited three boarding schools and the Hanna Secondary school. They sat in on and observed/experienced the classes there.  At one school they helped plant trees. Not all youths get to attend schools as there are fees involved and not all families have the monies to send their children. They also donated dresses, toys and other clothing to the children in various location. They visited Hellgate National Park, a large game preserve on an island, and also observed migratory Flamingos at a lake. Jaiden noted that local food was often a corn meal similar to mashed potatoes, greens and some meats.  Another important visit was to a unit of the Ubuntu program that serves children and adults with disabilities and their families. People with disabilities are stigmatized and this program works to counter that by providing jobs for parents to provide support.
They were introduced to the Kenya #1 Dance Crew and did a paint project and also learned some dances. Some take-a-ways: in Kenya, Mobility is life above all else; Seeing the impact of these programs gave the ambassadors hope.  What else can they do: 1. Don’t give up. Keep the program going, 2. Wheelchairs are a #1 need over crutches and walkers. 3. These programs need the continued support of Rotary.
President's Message
Jerry Fohrman
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Good Morning Sunupians, 


It was a pleasure to hear Jaden speak and show us just exactly how our hard work, donations, and dedication are benefiting those folks in Africa. It should inspire all of us to continue the fine work we are doing, and maybe even to work a little harder. I am looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting. 


Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffett  

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