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Robin Sobatta
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Upcoming Sunup Activities
Surf Scholarships
The SURF board of directors voted to give out six $2,000.00 scholarships this year. The board also approved $2,000.00 to go to the Mexican friendship conference, and $1,000.00 to the covid 19 relief effort in Nicaragua. We are happy to welcome Donna Jacobs to the board.
Nicaragua COVID-19 Emergency Support
The Sunup Rotary Club BOD and the Sunup Rotary Foundation BOD agreed to make $2000 available as a cash donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Support for Patients with Chronic Illness ( ).  $1000 is from Sunup Rotary Club funds and $1000 from the Sunup Rotary Foundation funds.  Becca Mohally Renk is a member of the JHC-CDCA organization and a member of the local Rotary club there ( ).  Her Rotary club works hand-in-hand with the JHC-CDCA.  Becca gave a presentation of her club’s activity at the Sunup 9/2/2020 Rotary meeting.
2021 USA/Mexico Friendship Conference
The Sunup Rotary Club BOD and the Sunup Rotary Foundation BOD also agreed to make $4000 available to allocate to viable projects being presented at the Mexico/USA Friendship conference being held in February 12-15, 2021 in Tlaxcala, Mexico.  There will only be a small contingent from Arizona attending the conference in person.  The conference will be Zoom’d for those in the US that want to participate in the conference.  Sunup Rotary Club International Service Committee will be attending via Zoom.  As like previous conferences, various clubs will be presenting projects needing club donations, District grants and Rotary International grants.  The District has requested clubs identify the funds they will have available to support projects presented during the conference.  Of the $4000 being made available to fund projects at this year’s conference, Sunup Rotary Club will be committing $2000 and the Sunup Rotary Foundation will be committing $2000.
Last Meeting Highlights
President-Clent presided over our meeting, Jane Anne guided us in prayer, Donna led us with the pledge to our flag, and Todd with the Four Way Test. Thought of the Day provided by Laura: PEACE: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” Unknown author.
Jerry Fohrman announced the gifts he ordered for last year’s BOD members had finally arrived, but with the snow he could not get out of his driveway. Bud informed the members that we are changing the Sunupian newsletter to get more information out to the members about upcoming projects and activities and issues discussed at BOD meetings. If any members have any announcements, please e-mail those to Dwayne Warrick before Fridays to appear in the next Sunupian. Clent announced there would be a special BOD meeting at 4 PM Thursday, Feb. 4 to discuss objectives for the remainder of the year.
Jerry Fohrman was our Sgt. at Arms and fined those who had already shoveled the snow from their driveways a buck, and two bucks for those who hired someone else to shovel. Jerry F. had $10 to celebrate Roy Loo’s wife’s successful surgery, Bud was happy to have received his first Moderna vaccine with not side effects, and Art had happy bucks as he was proud of the participation and success of our Interacts and that our district was one of two which has held virtual RYLA conferences.
AJ introduced our guest speaker Sharee Sheets, returning for her third visit to our club to speak about Shelter Box, USA. Sharee is a long-time enthusiastic volunteer staff, as well as the partnership manager for Shelter Box, USA and the current president of her Peoria Rotary club.  She began by describing how one Rotarian, and one Rotary club (Helston Lizard) started Shelter Box in 1999, which has now grown into a massive international effort to provide disaster relief around the world. For those who are not familiar, ShelterBox is a cutting-edge charity that hand-delivers emergency shelters for families devastated by natural disaster and conflict. Their signature green ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits contain family-sized tents and survival gear, as well as all the essential tools people need to start repairing and rebuilding homes.
Our club is honored to be a long-time major donor to Shelter Box and we thank Sharee for her presentation and her devotion to this great cause. For further information, please go to the following website:
President's Message
Clent Walker
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Greeting fellow SunUpians,
It was indeed a pleasure to see those of you who were able to join us during our zoom meeting last week, and if you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, you can join in this week. I hope everyone had a safe snow filled week.
Even though we don’t have a true timeline as to when we will be able to enjoy in person fellowship again, I truly want to thank everyone for their patience, cooperation, and dedication to the club. I ask all of our members to please continue share your thoughts and ideas on ways we can continue to grow the club. Remember that together we can move mountains.
Have a blessed week and hope to see you Wednesday.
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