No Morning Meeting Wednesday June 16th
Installation Dinner June 16th
Goldwater Lake 5pm
Whats Happening
The prayer was given by Art Harrington, The Pledge of Allegiance by Christy Manning and the 4 Way Test by Dr. Whitney James.  Thought for the day by Dan Beyer was ‘If you continually give you will continually have.’
Jane Anne introduced her new friends Sue and Phil Davis (prospective new members).
An announcement was made about the dedication of the Park in Yarnell which honors Rotary for the Rotary Foundation Global Grant for their major water project after the fire in Yarnell.  The dedication will be June 30th at 4:00 PM.  This was the largest water project in the United States.
Next week it was announced that we will be dark in the morning for the Installation dinner for Richard at Goldwater lake at 5:00.  It will be a build your own taco bar and BYOB your own booze.  Jane Anne will bring water in an ice chest.
Update on Val Ripley’s rehabilitation.  He is doing well.  Does PT twice a day in the Prescott Valley Rehab center.  Not ready for visitors yet.
We were urged to sign up for club runner on our phones (JA did it and it was easy)!
Jane Anne and Matt were AGAIN SGTS. They fined everyone in the room for something (and there were maybe 20 folks at the meeting.  Glen Hammond as usual came in late.
Because we had no speaker today several members stood and told their story.  AJ told his story.  He was born in DC and lived until he was 6, then on to MA then onto Ohio and then Maine where he met his wife at university.  He joined Rotary because he didn’t like the Lions or Kiwanis.
Jerry Forhman considers Rotary his penance for his youth which was full of fast cars, fast women and midnight car club (?).  He stated that if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there to live it.  His favorite Rotary member is the Double Down Casino Night.
Jane Anne told her story which encompassed moving from Indiana to Arizona in the early 70’s.  Living from Mesa to Happy Jack to Flagstaff to Scottsdale to Prescott.  Don Schiller brought her into Rotary when she didn’t know what Rotary was.
Glen Hammond is an Arizona Native graduating from ASU and twice attended the Rose Bowls.  He has bee an investigator, prosecutor in Maricopa county and is now a lawyer in Prescott.  A fast talking lawyer because I couldn’t get the details of his life down quick enough.  He has a daughter Allie who is 14 and a son Dillon who is 11.  He has a lovely wife named Carrie.
John Stewart relived his life from Yuma Hight school, to coaching.  He has been in Rotary since 1976.  He Umpired spring training from 69-94 in Arizona and Nevada.  Also umpired for 200 major league games.
President's Message
Clent Walker
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Hoping to see you all at the Induction Celebration!

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