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Welcome to September, early days of Fall, closing days of Summer and the Monsoon. Enjoy the improved weather!
Sorry for some length this week but I have a few items that need to be highlighted.
Our visit from Nancy Van Pelt and her husband Tom was great! She provided some good insights and ideas. Hopefully she was inspiring to all of us and we can implement a number of those ideas. 
Regarding the disaster relief for South Texas and Houston. Let me know if one of you wants to run a fundraising drive for this purpose. Otherwise, I encourage all our members to make a donation on their own to help out.  The note that Nancy circulated regarding Shelter-Box sounded like a good direction to go but choose whichever one you feel the most comfortable with.
Bringing back a practice and adding one informal one:   I will be asking Larry or Ben to re-institute the practice of once a month having the numbers chips to determine where each  member sits so we get to try some new seating arrangements
The informal practice is something a few of us do but I think it's a good idea for all of us. I came across it at a Rotary club in New Mexico and have been  considering bringing it into our club. Basically it is each members responsibility to get around and shake the hand of every member present at each meeting and say hello. This is  just another way to increase our camaraderie. We still need our greeters to welcome members and guests in at the door. In a way this sets the example for all members to follow through with once inside.
Special Invitation:  So for our "Pass the Friendship Trophy (Cactus)" event. Kelly Hong has offered to provide lunch for the Chino Valley club and those of us who come (We cant take 7, I have three already) at her restaurant in Chino Valley in the Safeway shopping center. So if you are interested contact me asap to get on  the list.
Our foray into using of ClubRunner has created some unique opportunities for our club. One of those is the chance to examine how we use the newsletter,the bulletin and the website.  I hope that all of you who are "Internet/email equipped and ready" have checked out the newsletter and website.
This week you will see one example of how we could proceed with our newsletter/bullet in the future. Rather than having two publications we could combine into the one newsletter and always have a few printed for the tables.
In the interests of previewing this idea, on Wednesday there will be three hard copies of the newsletter on each table instead of the regular bulletin. The current Bulletin cover will be wrapped on each, mainly because these are already printed and we need to keep up the advertising exposure. So this is only a temporary approach.  
For the future, one thought is that we can re-design the place mats to carry the advertising which will also be featured on our website and the digital newsletter as a package and at one price to members, another to non-members (Friends).  After our meeting on Wednesday, September 06, the Board will meet to discuss the options and how we wish to proceed. Remember this is an opportunity to explore. Please don't focus on "How we have always done it." Let's consider if we can benefit from a change that does not eliminate member involvement, it only changes the presentation and extends our outreach.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions please let me know, or talk with any board member and your thoughts can be brought to the discussion at this meeting.
Peace Friends.
Meeting Highlights 8-30

Last Week’s Meeting: Visiting Rotarians were John Scholl from Chino Valley, David Simmer from Sedona, and Dan Storvick from Frontier as well as ADG Noel DeSousa and DG Nancy Van Pelt and her husband Tom. It was good to have Elaine Earl back from Prescott Living magazine. Alexa Scholl was also a visitor.

Rusty was Sarge and hit everyone with a fine who were not wearing a “Golden Ring” badge but had to cough up a buck himself because of forgetting to fine those with birthdays and anniversaries. A Rotary money clip was auctioned off for 20 bucks. Lots of happy bucks were donated from members celebrating being high and dry this week and for those family members and friends that have survived the Houston catastrophe so far. John S. paid on behalf of the Rotary politicians and particularly for Phil Goode who scored a seat in the front row behind the President at the Phoenix event by. Billie was lauded for her hard work in helping pass 443. DG Nancy paid for the good District Shelter Box response to benefit Houston. Pastor Dan paid up for his 40 year perfect attendance. Lots of just happy’s and one happy to be anywhere. Dan D. won the pot.

Neal entertained us all with Art Harrington’s new member recognition and Barbara Oemeke’s recognition representing the Northern Arizona VA Corporate membership.





ADG Noel DeSousa introduced DG Nancy Van Pelt as the first District Governor of the new Arizona Rotary District 5495. He credited her with using her considerable professional organizational development skills in completing the successful job of leading the effort to combine the two districts into one cohesive unit. Nancy related her vision that every Rotarian can make a difference and that every dream starts with a dreamer at the club level. She presented her ideas with a concise review of the major goals for all five avenues of service outlined in a trifold and challenged Sunup to meet the designated Club achievement goals. She also introduced a list of new opportunities as well as traditional favorites for clubs to pursue. Nancy encouraged all members to be part of the District-wide team and attend the listed District events. 

Would you like to make a donation to Hurricane Harvey relief through Rotary? See below.

The Rotary Foundation has now established another option for those of you who would like to provide support directly through your own account with the Rotary Foundation.   The exact name of the Fund is The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Donor Advised Fund #608   Go to
District 5495 Map
Casino Night - Save the Date!
It was announced to a packed committee meeting Wednesday evening the we have a locked in date of May 12, 2018 for our next Double Down Casino Night. It will be held again at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds but this time will be outside to accommodate a larger crowd. Our charitable partner will be YEI and three other Rotary clubs will be joining us in putting together a great event. 
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