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Rod Cordes Always in the shadows helping out
Registration Thank you Dan Byers
Meeting Highlights Sept 6
Jamie Sunderland from Alaska was a guest of Greg Barstad and Susan Cohen was recognized in the “guest until a corporate member” category.
 Greg Raskin was Sarge and Josh toted the pot. Everyone who was wearing their pins got fined a buck by our pin less Sargent. Billie paid for being featured in the Quad City Business News and Bob Betts paid to get his own keys back. Greg fined everyone who hadn’t participated in Casino Night activities so far this year.
Happy Bucks: Tony Shaw was happy to be working on a big case and also enjoying some fishing. Terry was happy to have Terri back. Ben was happy to be celebrating his 86th birthday. Phil paid a happy buck for being able to serve over a hundred ears of corn at the Chino Corn Dinner. Billie was happy for County Fair time again. Sarah paid a happy buck to honor the hard work of everyone battling the western wildfires. There were several concern bucks for Texas flood victims and the evacuees in Florida. Lots of happy and just happy to be here bucks.  Son Josh picked out the winning ticket for his DAD! Board investigations to follow.
Our Speakers:  Dennis Galleger and Ann Atkinson were our speakers last week. Dennis is Founder and President of the Prescott Western Heritage Foundation. Their mission is to preserve and promote our western heritage through education, events, art, music, and other projects that enhance our western lifestyle and make Yavapai County a unique place to live and visit. Some of the assets that the Foundation is passionate about preserving and promoting are the “World’s Oldest Rodeo”, our great museums, Whiskey Row, the Courthouse Plaza, art of the American West, cowboy poetry, cowboy music, working ranches, Prescott’s historic districts, and most of all our”Spirit of the West”.
The Foundation is visioning a Western Heritage Center in downtown Prescott to promote all participating non-profit organizations in Yavapai County to help preserve, promote, and educate residents and visitors about our history and western heritage. More information is available
Flags are Up
Flags for Patriots are up and flying remembering 9/11. Thank you Prescott Boy Scouts for working with Sunup Rotarians. 
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Day fellow Sunupians,
With all the devastation and tragedy hitting the US recently due to the Hurricanes I suspect that many of you are helping with support for the victims. I did not hear of interest in doing our own drive but there are so many options i think that it is best to go with one of them. Hopefully you saw the message from Nancy Van Pelt regarding funds set up by Rotary.
Don Schiller, John Stewart and I accomplished our mission to "Pass the Cactus" to Chino Valley last Wednesday. Leah Graham and members of their cub made us very welcome and we had a great lunch courtesy of Kelly Hong and staff at her restaurant in C.V. See pictures provided.
Looking forward to seeing Nancy Van Pelt, DG again on Sept. 12 at the resort. Since all five clubs havecontributed to the cost, I hope that some of you can join us and once again make her welcome in Prescott.
P.S.   As you no doubt can now see, I have adjusted the fonts for my future Corner Comments. I hope that this works for us all.
Peace Friends
Pass the Cactus meeting in Chino Valley. Thank you Kelly Hong for hosting.
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