Registration  Bruce Moeller   
       Greeter        Gus Bergman
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Jay Grover

Hemp Oil

Greeter2 will be Greg Ellingham
Registration will be Bruce Moeller
Birthdays: Richard Hernandez Oct. 8
Anniversaries: No Anniversaries this week
Board of Directors Meeting Oct 18th, 4pm Prescott Library
Meeting Highlights Oct 3, 2018
Meeting Highlights: Jane Anne confused Art Harrington with Yankee Doodle Boy  but we finally sang the correct rendition.  And we sang it quite well.  The thought for the day “If things are not going your way, fake it until you make it.   Ken Caplin moved here from CA and was a visitor to our club and Alison Eggers from Roseburg Oregon was a visitor.
Great Extractions: Clent Walker was the SGT today and he and Joshua made a haul.  Terri Smith won the pot.
Bud Ackerman installed Bruce Moeller into the club today.  Bruce is from Santa Rosa CA.  He was born and raised North of San Francisco area and is a tax accountant.  The fires drove him to Arizona.
Our Speaker for Last Meeting was Ray Carlson.  He described the explorations of Benjamin Bonneville, who was from France but came to the US as a child.  He graduated from West Point in two years. In 1831, he organized an expedition to the Northwest to determine what was happening there and whether the US had a chance to take military control of the region. The trip was funded by Alfred Seton, an aide to John Jacob Astor, the major fur trader in the US. In the long run, Bonneville’s major accomplishment was demonstrating that the trip through the Rockies could be made with wagons rather than just pack horses and mules and finding the best route. The trip took much longer than expected leading to Bonneville and his men being assumed dead or lost, and it took a book by Washington Irving to get national recognition for Bonneville and his expedition. Bonneville went on to be a successful army officer in the Mexican American War and in the battles with the Apaches in New Mexico and Arizona. Ray noted that his next presentation will focus on Joe Webber, one of Bonneville’s primary officers who explored California and eventually Arizona.   
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Sun-Up in Action … John Stewart, Jerry Fohrman, Bruce Moeller, Jose Lujan, John White, Greg Barstad and A. J. Sheridan for pitched in last week on the Service Project of sanding and painting the picnic tables for the Prescott Area Shelter Services.  Jerry and A. J. brought power sanders and extension cords to aid in the prep work. 
This was a “Get ‘er Done” crew who jumped in, laid out a production plan and then worked hard to prep and paint four picnic tables in a little over two hours, knocked off a few donuts (brought by John Stewart) and generally had a great time.  And thanks go to  Todd Clancy for finding this worthy project.  Thanks to all of you.  This is the heart of Rotary “beating strong” in our community.
 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller
October 10, 2018
Oct 10, 2018
Hemp Oil
Oct 17, 2018
Caborca & Global Grants
Oct 24, 2018
Oct 31, 2018
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