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Birthdays:  Todd Clancy 5/30, Dennis Light 6/1
Anniversaries:  Tom & Lois Benson 5/30, Dennis & Lynn Light 6/1
Meeting Highlights May 22
Thought for the day:  Terry Smith: “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it annoys enough people to make it worthwhile.”
Announced:  Guests: Clay Turpin (pending membership!), Dan Storvick who gave a bonus check for $100 for Grapes for Grades Tickets bought by our members.  Sarah Tomsky introduced Karina Gutierrez, Deputy District Ranger. Ray Carlson: Introduced the Program Committee and advised that any suggestions can go to any member. 
Sgt. at Arms: Matt Greenlee: A most Proficient Extractor of Fines. Noted the tour today and Josh Nuttal provided directions. Noted a couple of folks who had worn the wrong badges. Caught Greg Raskins pic in the paper, Todd Clancy due to Vets Memorial clean up conflicting with Home and Garden Show. Much more! Dennis Light won the 50/50 Pot! He will hand it back this week for birthday and anniversary!
Prior Speaker: Josh Nuttal, PNF Fire & Aviation Manager.
Sarah Tomsky introduced Josh Nuttal who is the Acting Fire Management officer with 18 years of service with Forest Service. First in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest and now here. He is an AZ Native from the White Mtn area, married, two kids. Has been with PNF here for two years. Started out by joining a summer fire crew with friends and it stuck. He earned a BS in Business Administration. She characterized Josh as easy going, knowledgeable, and very professional. Josh explained that there are 6 National Forests in AZ encompassing 1.25 million acres. We are in the West Zone combining the old Chino Valley and Bradshaw Mtn districts. There are 7 NF facilities spread around the district. The center at the airport is base for the hot shot crews, the Helitack, Fuels crew and Air Base for the Slurry bombers among other groups. More on this on the tour. Others are: Staffed lookouts, Dispatch Center, National Fire Cache. There are cooperative relationships with many entities within the district: PFD, CVFD, Central Yavapai Fire District, and more in order to best fight fires. There are several training initiatives to keep sharp: Basin OPS Drill: 2019 200 participants. Leads to improved communications across departments & organizations. There is also the AZ Wildfire and Incident Mgmt. Academy every year at ERAU in March: over 1000 participants in 2018. The Fuels Treatment Project: Prescribed fires,  burn piles. They work from and “RX” plan for Prescott Basin.Every 5-10 years Ponderosa pine forests need fire to remain healthy. Prescribed fires clear the ground surface layer and serve to return nutrients to the soil. Mastication grinds up scrub and helps make it easier to fight fires. Josh also addressed the Firewise Defensible Space program working with the Urban Wildfire Interface regarding principles of construction and landscaping that help preserve structures and prevent fire spread. Discussed how weather conditions are studied to help with the planning for when to conduct burns. Showed that in 2018 fire danger was high and in 2019 thus far it is low due to the amount of moisture this Winter and Spring.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good morning Sun-upians …. Thanks to all of you who pitched in to refurbish the Courthouse monuments this past week.  And a reminder … this coming Wednesday’s meeting will be special as we recognize all who have contributed to achieve Paul Harris status, and who have further contributed to the Rotary Foundation through the “Let’s Make A Deal” initiative.
I like things to happen, and if they don't happen I like to make them happen.
May 29, 2019
May 29, 2019
Lets Make a Deal Awards
Jun 05, 2019
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Jun 12, 2019
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