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Art Harrington

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Program Committee Meets First Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am

Membership Committee Meets Second Monday of the Month, Waffles & More 7am

Board of Directors Meeting Wednesday, Jan. 16th, 4pm Prescott Library, Elsie Rm

Birthdays:  Greg Barstad 1/8, Bud Ackerman 1/10

Meeting Highlights December 18th

Meeting Highlights John Stewart announced a social event at the Prescott Resort featuring Teddy Roosevelt on Jan. 15 and stated he (John) was not wearing a belt. Steve Finucane showed an article from a Philippine newspaper about 5 new cases of Polio in Manila, where they declared an emergency. Pres. Jerry presented the Breakfast staff  and Chef with a Christmas bonus and the club members gave them a standing ovation.
Thought of the day Dwayne Warrick: Team work: An awful lot like giving birth to an elephant! It always starts at a high level. It’s accomplished with a lot of trumpeting and screaming. It takes 22 months to grow and develop. And then you have a baby elephant to take care of. Sgt. at arms Par wood fined Pres. Jerry for closing his eyes during the Pledge and everyone else for being slow to sit down.
Speaker 12/18/2019 Brad Courtney, Whiskey Row Historian
Brad taught school for 31 years, was a guide on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, has a Masters’ degree in history and stated he has a B.S. in religion.
 Brad and his wife moved to Prescott in 2011. He became interested in the history of Whiskey Row and finding no books on the subject, began researching the subject at Charlotte hall and through newspapers dating from 1864 to1900. He has written a series of books on the subject,   with a new one to be released in February 2020.    
Prescott was uncharted or mapped until gold was discovered by the Walker party along Lynx Creek in1863.
The first saloon consisting of 2 whiskey barrels with a plank between them, was started by Isaac Goldberg in 1864. He had 2 bottles of whiskey and sold it by the dram from a tin cup for 50 cents. The “ saloon “ was first located near Granite Creek but a few men fell into the creek, so the business was moved to Montezuma near what is now Mile High middle school. Goldberg started the first liquor store and restaurant called the Juniper House, in a 12 x 15 Foot building with split pine log tables that oozed sap. In 1864 William hardy opened a mercantile store and saloon on what is now the corner of Gurley and Granite streets serving a higher grade of whiskey and was the first  soiree  with 12 women dancers. Albert Noyes built a two story saloon / meeting hall twice destroyed by monsoons but was eventually completed in 1864. From 1864 through 1867 many saloons were built and later destroyed by fire. In 1888 the Palace burned down and was rebuilt with brick, stone and iron.
New Member Spotlight
Katheryn Tuberty
I was born in Durango Colorado and attended college at the University of Utah where I received a BS In Health Science. I worked my way through school working as a Nurse’s Aide in a nursing home and after working at a Health Maintenance Organization in Salt Lake for 4 years, I moved to California and got involved in Nursing Home Administration. I ran Nursing homes in Southern California and Northern California. I met my husband Dennis in Davis, CA and we married in 1988. After more than 25 years in Long Term Care, (running Nursing Homes, doing marketing for Nursing Home pharmacies, labs and med surg companies and opening 2 Assisted Living Facilities in Vacaville) I let the industry and open a Farmers Insurance agency. I had my business for 11 years and retired in 2016. After Dennis retired we moved to Prescott Valley. We have 2 grown daughters and have traveled extensively in the last 2 years, including trips to France, Ireland, South Africa, Russia, Germany and Canada. I was a member of the Vacaville Rotary club for 20 years serving as President 2017-18.I am excited to be a member of the Prescott Sunup Rotary club.
President's Message
Jerry Fohrman
member photo
Good Morning Sunupians,
hope to see all of you next year.
No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank  


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