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The Hassayampa Inn
Next Meeting's Program: Installation Dinner Meeting 5:30pm @ Goldwater Lake Ramada
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What's Happening


Thank You Speaker Kell Palguta, Mayor of Prescott Valley 

Quoted from, Mayor Kell's presentation, A.J. Sheridan's introduction and Edited by Lisa DeLeo
"Kell was elected Mayor of Prescott Valley and sworn in on January 10, 2019. He takes great pride in being the youngest Mayor in Yavapai County. His goal is to ensure that every citizen feels their voice can be heard and that they can be a part of the solution to any problem that Prescott Valley may face.”
“Kell grew up in Saint Albans, Maine and always had wanted to be a police officer.  In 1998, he began his career in public service as a Police Officer for the Town of Prescott Valley. As a Police Officer, Kell received many awards to include the Police Medal of Valor, Police Star, Rookie of the Year, Officer of the Year, Police Chief Commendation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving Officer of the Year two years in a row.

While working as a police officer, he obtained his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from New Mexico State University.
As a first generation college graduate in his family, Kell understands the importance of good education and recognizes that education is a valuable asset to any community.

After retiring as a Police Officer, Kell continued his service to the community as an Instructor at Yavapai College, teaching Administration of Justice Classes."
Kell talked about the issues confronting our cities including: economic development, workforce housing, infrastructure, water needs, and growth. 
In terms of growth, Kell showed the actual growth statistics for the last couple of years: about 2% in Prescott Valley and a little more in Prescott which is not the uncontrolled growth that opponents claim. 
He also discussed a new initiative as part of the economic development in P.V. 
The cities of Prescott and P.V. are purchasing Glassford Hill. There will be a public/private partnership between P.V. and a company to add a lodge and chair lift up Glassford hill that will be dedicated to mountain bikers who can then ride down on either side and connect to trails in both city areas.  This is similar to a very successful location at Spider Mountain, TX that brings in thousands of people for that experience.

“As Mayor, Kell hopes to ensure that Prescott Valley develops and focuses on "Points of Pride" throughout the community. He wants to make certain that Prescott Valley is a place where one can be born, grow up, graduate school, get married, raise a family and retire.

Kell reiterates to its citizens that the Town of Prescott Valley is in the customer service business, with citizens and visitors its customers. It is his goal that Prescott Valley continues to strive to be the best community in Northern Arizona.”

Presidential Induction Dinner Wednesday, June 15th @ 5:30pm 

It's that time of year- time for our current President (Richard Hernandez) to hand over the reins to the President Elect (Laura Vanderberg). 

We've reserved the Goldwater Lake Ramada (same place as last year). 

Join us at 5:30 pm, dinner will be served at 6 pm.    Bring your family! 

We'll be having a wonderful catered dinner, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages.  If you'd like to bring an adult beverage of your choice, please feel free.

Your cost for this priceless event is just $10 per person.

Installation Dinner will take the place of our regularly scheduled morning meeting on the 15th.  

We need an exact head count for the caterer, so please R.S.V.P. to  Laura A.S.A.P.

Current President Richard Hernandez announced that Laura has lined up her Board of Directors. He and Laura will be circulating an email to vote on her 4 new Board Members in addition to those who are continuing. 

Meal Coordinator Still Needed

We are looking for a volunteer coordinator for PASS meals.  Sunup Rotary provides meals one day a month and reimburses the cost of the meal.  This role signs up members to shop for and deliver the meal to P.A.S.S. on Rush Street in Prescott. 

Contact Christy or Laura for more information.


Meeting Notes

Written by A.J. Sheridan, Edited by Lisa DeLeo 
Richard welcomed guests: One of our scholarship recipients Ruby Pedroza, PHS, and her  parents Juan and Myrna. Ruby introduced herself and said that she is going to attend Colby College in Maine and will be studying to be a Translator for Spanish and later for Japanese. Her family is moving with her to Maine in support.
Art Harrington advised that the equipment sent for Crutches for Africa has arrived and the Interact Ambassadors will be going over soon to distribute them. They have some challenges with the rising costs of flights and concerns about availability but he is confident that this will be overcome.
Matt Greenlee was Sergeant assisted by Dan Beyers. Dan spun the wheel of Fortune and it settled on $4. Matt cleaned out Richard Hernandez as it was his last meeting as President. Glen was fined for being a little earlier than usual. They fined Val for being away too long. It was pointed out that Val was on LOA but Matt advised Val didn't ask him for permission. 
Matt Greenlee mentioned that we have not been listing Birthdays and Anniversaries in the newsletter so we have not been acknowledging/fining for them. A.J. was fined for his birthday the day before. He asked Matt to sing Happy Birthday for him but the group sang instead. Not a bad rendition! But we did have Art here to lead it!
Do you have any announcements, photos of Rotary in Action or notes to include in newsletter? please send by end of day FRIDAY to Lisa DeLeo to appear in the following week's newsletters.  

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu. 928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or


Looking Ahead:


Interact Club Blood Drive

When: Monday,  July 25, 2022 : Yavapai College  Room 19-147, next to the library.
Info: Contact Joe Sweeney for more details
President's Message
Richard Hernandez
member photo

From all of us at SunUp Rotary, a hearty thank you to Richard Hernandez for a successful year as our fearless leader. We look forward to Richard continuing to make a difference in Rotary.  You are appreciated!






Greetings Fellow Sunupians!

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to be receiving the reins from Richard on Wednesday, June 15th .
Since Richard asked me if I would step in to be President, and you all agreed with him, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking- about the club, what we do, how we do it, what this year might bring and where we can go.
What’s become really clear to me is that we are a club of doers. I love that!
This is why I joined Rotary-to make a bigger difference than I can as an individual.
So I’m curious, why did you join Rotary? What keeps you in Rotary? What do you want from our club this year?
I’d like to learn about all of us Sunupians, so tell me! I know some folks prefer to communicate by email, so please email me. Those of
you that want to share verbally, please call me or chat with me at one of our meetings.
I truly look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!
See you on Wednesday night at the Goldwater Lake Ramada for our Installation Dinner!
Warm Regards,
Laura Vanderberg


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