Greeter      Jane Anne
  Registration  Doug Askerman
        Greeter         Ben Tuttle
Membership Committee Meeting - Monday, March 12th 7:00am Waffles & More
Next Double Down Casino Night Committee Meeting - Wednesday, March 7th & 21st 5:30pm at the Palace
Sunup Board Meeting - Thursday March 22, 4:00pm Prescott Library
Program Committee Meeting - Monday, April 2nd 7:00am Waffles & More
Sunup Shoot at Gunsite - April 11th - See Val Ripley
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Meeting Highlights February 28th
Meeting Highlights: Par was the SGT. After Jane Anne’s plea for money, sponsors and prizes Billie bought 2 tickets and visitor past member Linda Thein bought 4 tickets and Dwayne Warrick bought 5 tickets     JA also announced Ruger is donating a pistol the Ruger Security 9.   Par fined Neal for being windy on his induction of John White John is very happy to be a Rotarian.

New Member Induction – John White was in inducted into our club.  He was born and raised at Dana Point CA.  He has a bachelors degree in business administration and spent 26 years in the army and navy chasing submarines and nukes.  He tried Flagstaff, Sedona and loves living in Prescott.
 Speaker Gary Beverly:  
Gary spoke about the ITC Holdings Corp's proposal to create a hydroelectric facility adjacent to the Big Chino Water Ranch. He is in conversation with ITC and they will be the speakers at CWAG on Wednesday, March 28, 10 AM at Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Church at 882 Sunset Ave, Prescott. All are invited. Gary also spoke about Prescott AMA goal of safe yield by 2025 being unattainable. He defined Safe Yield as the balance between water withdrawal and recharge. Gary stated that he does not believe the Big Chino Ranch is necessary and we should limit growth. He writes editorials often and they can be found on the CWAG website at
 Beverly, who is the Chair of the Education & Policy Committee for the Citizens Water Advocacy Group, was a college professor, contractor and retail business owner. CWAG is a 501C3.  He retired in 2006 and began working to protect the Verde River, maintain clean air and water, and safeguard public lands in northern Arizona.  Gary is also an active member of the Sierra Club.
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Double Down Casino Night $50/ticket
Patriots for Flags $29/yr

President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Greetings to my Fellow “Wicked Good” Sunupians
To all those who braved our little winter “hiccup” last week, thank you for coming. I hope you all made it home safe.  Not long after meeting, Vickie and I drove to Las Cruces, N.M. for a visit with friends. By the time this comes out Monday we will be on the road home after what I am sure will have been a great visit. It’s so nice to get away once in a while.
Also, my apologies for the “Up-Down” exercise. It was not intentional, just overlooked the order of march. Perhaps it was a good way to warm up though!
I trust that things are going well with the snack shack crew covering the softball games! Thank you for stepping in to make it all work.
Short and sweet.
See you  Wednesday,
Peace friends,
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