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    Join Us this Wednesday, and every Wednesday for the best party in Prescott at 7am!
         Greeters                  Bud             Ackerman                    &               Dan Beyer
Birthdays:  Carmen Beyer 9/9;  Linda Steiner 9/12;  
                       Bob Shimizu 9/13; Ray Carlson 9/14;  
                               Marjorie Bernardi 9/15
Anniversaries: Billie & Bob Orr 9/9

Future Programs:
Sept. 12 – Jim EricksonDistrict Governor
Sept.19 Mary Treasuer, Nutrition
Sept. 26 – Conrad JacksonHistory of the Prescott Fire Dept.
October 3 Tyler Goodman, Change for the Better
October 10 – Jay Grover, Hemp oil
October 17Noel DeSousa, Caborca & Global Grants
Meeting Highlights 9-5-2018
Paul Harris Fellows:  At the August 29 meeting, Foundation Director Art Harrington gave us a thorough explanation of donations to the Rotary International (RI) Foundation which count toward a Paul Harris Fellow.  When a Rotarian donates $1,000 to the RI Foundation he/she becomes a Paul Harris Fellow. Rotarians also can donate $100 a year as a Paul Harris Sustaining Member and when their $1,000 has been paid, they become a Paul Harris Fellow. Many club members have added $25 or more to their quarterly bill and become Paul Harris Sustaining Members. If you would like to have $25 per quarter added to your bill, please contact Ben Tuttle. Payments also can be made online at RI, and you should mark it to be applied to the annual fund to get point credits. Please remember is that the Sunup Club Board approved matching the first $100 a member donates for his/her first PH Fellow.
Exchange student: John Stewart is a mentor for our Brazilian exchange student, Gabriel. He and his host parents were our guests, and will return later in the year to tell us of his adventure here in Prescott. Mayor Greg Mengarelli and Youth Director Ray Carlson are seen here with Gabriel.
Great Extractions: Clent Walker was the Sarge and enlisted his son Josh to tote her spittoon. Clent started out saying he had a bike to raffle and Sarah Tomsky had a  coronary. Jane Anne Shimizu paid to mention her ride along on a fire truck. Rod Cordes told of his unfortunate loss of his home due to lightening, and asked if anyone knew of a house for rent. He will need for at least a year. Dwayne Warrick won the pot. 
Speaker on 9/5: Sandra Lynch, adjunct curator of Anthropology at the Sharlot Hall Museum, related a trip the Yavapai Tribe would have made to Santa Monica, just as a modern day family would to shop for souvenirs to take home. The Yavapai used a form of “credit” made from obsidian rock that had been chipped on both sides and could be used for trading and purchasing items. Sandra shared all types of rocks that had intrinsic value, in a similar way we use in money and credit cards today.
Commercial Jet Service in Prescott
Wednesday, August 29 was a notable day for the Prescott Regional Airport with the inauguration flight of the airport's first commercial jet service, both take off and landing. The day was marked with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the terminal building with an estimated crowd of a hundred people. Sunup Rotarian and Mayor Pro Tem Billie Orr  presided over the ribbon cutting and honored all who made this momentous occasion a reality.
Other Sunup Rotarians attending included former Mayor Harry Oberg, City Councilman Phil Goode, Bob Betts, Bud Ackerman and City Fire Chief Dennis Light who was in charge of the water arch as the United Express jet arrived from its inaugural landing from Denver.
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
member photo
Good Morning Sunupians!
It was great to see the ballroom filled to capacity at last Wednesday’s meeting. Lots of good energy, a great speaker, some really neat guests. Gabe, the Brazilian exchange student and his host family joined us. We were especially happy to see Ida Kendall back again.  All in all, the sort of meeting we always envision for Rotary. This coming week, we will be entertaining District Governor Jim Erickson and Assistant Governor Ron Williams. 
Thank you all for participating in making this the best club in Prescott!
Neal McEwen
Sunup Rotary President, 2018-2019
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."     
   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  (1803-1882)
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History of Prescott Fire Dept.
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