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Meeting Highlights January 10th
Meeting Highlights: Dan Storvick from Frontier Club was back visiting again.  Quinn Routson, Youth Exchange applicant,  was Norm’s guest. Neal and sponsor Billie inducted Greg Mengarelli, new member and newly elected Mayor of Prescott.  Pres read thank you letters from Salvation Army and the 2018 Graduation Party for our recent donations. He also reported that Sunup members were the top Rotary bell ringers this year.
Great Extractions : Rusty was Sarge and collected IOU’s from Billie and  A. J. and a usual “no pin” buck from Greg R. Billie was happy to report that Prescott has been named as the 18th best city to visit on Expedia. Marjorie was happily looking forward to their upcoming cruise.  Val auctioned one of Neal’s creative business card holders and Par won with a $100 bid.  Lots of happy bucks for the much needed winter moisture. Marjorie won the pot.
Our Speaker:  Billie introduced our speaker Sheila Polk. Sheila is now serving her 5th four year term as Yavapai County Attorney. She shared some sobering statistics about the local drug abuse crisis. She reported on the commonalities of drug related deaths occurring in early 2017 based on a recent community report authored by the Yavapai county Overdose Fatality Review Board (OFRB). The report found that 8 of 9 decedents had a reported mental illness, 5 of 9 had spent time in jail or prison, 7 of 9 had previously received substance abuse treatment, and 5 of 9 had family members with a history of drug or alcohol addiction. Other commonalities were unemployment, homelessness, suicide attempts, early age use of alcohol and marijuana, use of prescription opioids, and significant medical issues.
MATFORCE and OFRB reviewed the report and recommended strategies to Yavapai County officials and as a result, the county has already implemented Mobile Crises Teams and a Reach Out Initiative to more effectively respond to drug abuse incidents. 
Two Great Tours for Members
Sunup Rotary is a great place to learn about out community. Two great tours are available this month for Sunup members. As has been announced, on January 23rd there is an upcoming tour of Yavapai College CTEC.

Housing Yavapai College’s trade and technical programs, the Career and Technical Education Center is a state-of-the-art facility accommodating programs and equipment that require a large square footage footprint to house specific equipment. CTEC provides students a hands-on training facility that will give them a chance at better employment and the ability to stay in Prescott to go to school instead of leaving the area to attend technical schools. Located near the Prescott Airport (formerly the Ruger Building), the 108,000 sq. ft. building sits on an 8-acre site. and houses classes and programs. Contact Par Wood for more information.

On January 27th Embry-Riddle is hosting Sunup for a tour and presentation at the Jim and Linda Lee Plantetarium. The Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium is the only Arizona planetarium north of Phoenix, and is capable of seating 116 students and visitors, showing them the cosmos in 360-degree 4k resolution. Much more than just a planetarium, the facility contains multi-media learning software that can take viewers from the inner complexities of the human body to the farthest reaches of the known universe.

In addition to being an invaluable resource for faculty and students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott campus, the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium hosts events and programming open to the greater Prescott and Quad-City public year-round. By inviting local schools and community members to participate in these events, Embry-Riddle has the potential to influence local students and underrepresented groups in the community who previously had little to no access to STEM-based curriculum by exposing them to the possibilities of careers in high-paying professions that might have otherwise been unattainable. For more information or sign-up contact AJ Sheridan.

President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Morning Fellow Sunupians!
So, it's RYLA weekend, and as you are reading this on Monday morning, I am up at Camp PineRock as a District Committee member and our club liaison supporting all the Delegates, J.C.s (Junior Councilors) and Adult Facilitators. What a great way to celebrate our future leaders! And Honor Martin Luther King's memory as well.  Many thanks to all those from our club who volunteered as drivers to get the teams to the Confidence Course- Jerry Fohrman, Todd Clancy, George Steiner and Greg Barstad. Don Schiller and Noel DeSousa are there as camp liaisons also.  And we had great weather as well!
So, it's time to share the wealth. We will be looking for a new Sunup liaison for RYLA for next year as I will be taking over the registrars position on the district committee and will have enough to do.  If you are interested talk to me and I can explain how it works. Then you will need to talk with Ray Carlson as he is the Youth Services Chair to be approved
We talk about our fellow Rotarians as "Family" and it was heartwarming to see a number of our club turning out for the memorial service for Jan Steiner, Stan's wife, on Saturday. It was a beautiful service and very nice meeting Stan's family and hearing about their lives with Jan. As Stan said in his eulogy, a life well lived!
I hope that everyone took a few minutes this past week and weekend to reflect on it being not just RYLA weekend, but a very important holiday set aside to honor Martin Luther King and what that means for all Americans in terms of living in a country that espouses the important concept that "All Men (Prez note: read people). Are Created Equal"...... Certainly something to keep in mind as we live through these "interesting times"
See you Wednesday!
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