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“What should older Rotary members understand about young people?"
Alyssa Gapske, 22, Rotaract Club of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA: A major difference is the way we connect. The greatest advantage of social media is that it allows us not only to share meeting and project details but also to communicate with clubs around the world. As a moderator of my club’s Facebook page, I see messages every week from clubs hoping to work with us, or community members interested in attending meetings or joining our club.
Meeting Highlights November 1
Member Updates:  The Smiths are on leave till May, 2018 & Rex Baumback to June 30, 2018, all three  in Mexico; Rod Cordes to Feb. 28, 2017 in Phoenix.  Melissa Habecker has resigned.
Great Extractions: Val Ripley filled in admirably for our missing  Sgt. Greg Raskin  and  Par toted the spittoon.  Our Sgt. was jealous and fined Mayor Harry Oberg for getting drawn and harvesting  an elk.
John Stewart welcomed our traveling duo, Marjorie and Steve back from their trip to Iceland and the East Coast.  Par missed last week to attended a business seminar in Denver.  Sarah Tomsky attended a leadership training outside of AZ.  The normal happy bucks were garnered.
New Song Title  Song leader Art Harrington selected #7 in the song book and we sang VAL  aree so many times, the song has been  renamed the " Val Ripley song".
Our Speaker:  With a no show Ray Carlson stepped upped  and presented a very interesting program on Arizona Formal wars 1848- 1865.  In 1848 the Mexican American war was fought with President Polk in favor and U. S. Grant not in favor.  Recent influx of Ireland and European immigrants signed up to fight, but 8.3% deserted and a mass hanging of the deserters was done.  The Pima Indians did a lot of irrigating and raising crops in southern Arizona and eventually provided 100,00 lbs. of wheat, for the troops.  Ray is pictured in front of the Ammi White  mill.  Explorer John Woodhouse Audubton  lead an expedition to CA. to find gold.  He described AZ has desolate, no game, dried up water holes, sand and decaying Indian Villages.  The expedition reached the Pima  Valley with its irrigation and he saw the possibility of the area. ".  In July,  1861 the Confederate militia sent Co A , "Arizona Rangers" west from Texas  to Tucson to protect  from Apaches and stop the  Union Soldiers from  coming from the West from CA..    Drawing of Tucson and the artist described Tucson as a "City of Mud Boxes:, populated b speculators, gamblers, horse thieves, murders and vagrant politicians".  
Flags Signups
Many thanks to Rotarians Art & Sharon Harrington, Dan Davis, Gus Bergman, Barbara Oemcke, and Elaine Mansoor for signing up for Patriots for Flags at the meeting. They will have flags flying to celebrate Veterans Day! It was noted that any member that is short of change that needs a flag should contact new member Susan Cohan. She has a reputation for being very generous in helping those in need of donating.
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President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
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Good Morning Folks,
I trust that you all had a great weekend what with the wonderful weather and all!
On Friday evening, Mike and Mary King, Val and Linda Ripley and Vickie and I had the pleasure of delivering the Dutch Oven dinner that was one of the auction items at last Springs Double Down Casino night to Buzz and Sonia, owners of Gunsite Academy and ten of their staff.  We thanked them for their continued generosity and support of Sunup rotary. The temperatures and overall weather cooperated and a good time was had by all. Special thanks to Mike and Val for offering the dutch oven dinners in support of our Foundation fundraiser.
See you Wednesday
Peace friends
             November 1, 2017
Nov 08, 2017
CTEC-Career & Tech Education
Nov 15, 2017
Veterans Day
Nov 29, 2017
Yavapai Public Health
Dec 13, 2017
ERAU STEM - Planetarium
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