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Dr. Annette Karlsson

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Board of Directors Meeting, Third Thursday of the month, 4:00pm On-line
Last Meeting Highlights by A.J.Sheridan
Jerry Fohrman presided with 27 attendees. After the invocation by Clent and the pledge by Jim Huffman, Bud shared an interesting clip from a high school in Canada applying the 4 way test to the process of applying to colleges/universities.
Two thoughts from  Jerry Hulm:
Henry Ford: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind. Not with it.”
“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” – Kahlil Gibran
Announcements: Todd mentioned that Kelly has permanently closed her restaurants. It was on her mind and the COVID19 issues provided a good opportunity to go ahead and retire. Also that Yarnell donations and the water donation for the Navajo Nation is coming through SURF. 
Art announced that Jr RYLA has been postponed until next June, probably June 23-26.  Also, that the COVID19 impact is delaying the Crutches trips to Mexico and Africa until likely next year.
Jane Anne proposed that we do a Double Down On-Line Auction to raise funds to help with local donations. Bud Ackerman will look into how to make it happen and Clent Walker will help.
Sgt duties defaulted to Jerry.  So, the $3 per person fine on our bills will continue. Happy Bucks from Katheryn Tuberty celebrating her daughter and a friend launch of a successful podcast about Kids with disabilities; from Terry and Teresa for the garage floor being epoxied and ready to go; and from Dennis for the stimulus check that helped fix his motorcycle.
Bud introduced our speaker, Parker Northrup III Professor and Chair of Flight Department/College of Aviation at ERAU. He is responsible for all ERAU flight line operations at the Airport. Retired from USAF in 2017 and he and his wife moved to Prescott. He is a retired Colonel with lots of command hours in B-52s.
Parker began with some points of interest at ERAU:
-The ERAU Golden Eagles Flight team is the winningest College Flight team in the country with 12 championships over a wide span of years.
-The ERAU program is rated to provide R-ATP (training hours) of 1000 hours which is the lowest threshold required to qualify pilots. (Ed note: Reflects the overall quality of the program)
-Industry wide reputation for quality of program.
-Program hiring profile is at 99%
-Success rate in Airline Training.
-We use the Cessna 172s as our training “Classroom”/platform and Diamond VA 42 Version 6 for the multi-engine training
-May have one of the most picturesque 5000 square miles flight area in the country with Prescott at the center.
-Our airport is the 39th busiest in US due to ERAU flight activity plus the commercial operations.
Strategic Plan Vision:  To be recognized as the leader in aviation flight training.  Our reputation for safety, high standards, adaptable leadership, advanced technological environment and consistent production of high-quality graduates.
Mission:  Train Pilots, Period!
Values:   We value the individual student.  Each student requires a caring, supportive, demanding, and robust educational environment to achieve their goals in flight training.  By focusing on the individual, we value the singular value embodied in the “instructor pilot to student” relationship that is unmatched in any other collegiate educational environment.
Parker listed the top issues going forward as continuing the measured growth of the flight training program, the need for 100% fleet replacement, significant growth of the IP pipeline, and maintenance aircraft readiness at all times. Flight training enrollment expectations have increased from less than 300 in 2017 to 650 for fall of 2020.  Future focus will be on research and development, synchronized training environment, and business reporting and metric based performance.
COVID19 has impacted the flight program. We watch the Governors orders and keep in daily contact with the County Health department to gauge where we stand. They are doing more cleaning and sanitization in/on the planes. When the state re-opens then will resume and are looking at May 16 as of now. There is a concern over the break in training affecting how sharp the trainees are will require some refreshing. Can save them money by providing free time on simulators. Goal is to make this the least impactful on the students and families who foot the bills.
Over all we expect to continue growing our Flight program.
Q. How do the airlines work with this program?
A. We have Pathway programs with 13 airlines. This means their HR departments work closely with our program to recruit and hire graduates.
Q. Also with COVID 19 airline industry is down in size and anticipates a 6-9 month recovery once things start coming back?
A. No change in hiring pilots as the airlines are retiring more pilots than are coming up in the pipeline. This is anticipated to result in increased hiring as industry recovers.
Q. What is the Impact of the runway extension and how long will the B-52’s be around?
A. B-52’s were designed with lots of capacity for upgrading capabilities. Anticipate them to be around towards 2050-60. The runway expansion will improve air operations greatly by allowing multiple Cessna activities. We can split the runway for activities such as touch and goes and landings.
It will provide also provide more ramp space which will be needed by ERAU as we expand.
Q. What happens to old planes?
A. The Diamonds can be traded in on the new ones.  They will be re-purposed and sold.
The Cessna’s don’t have a trade in program but they can be sold to third party contractors.
In late 2020 or early 2021 we will be pursuing the options to replace the current ones.
Q. What is the limit on Student capacity/accommodations?
A. The physical capacity of the airport is approximately 825-900. Runway ability to provide training space is 1000 max. Airspace capacity is 3000 students max but moving to the synthetic training program this will add greater capacity.
President's Message
Jerry Fohrman
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Good Morning Sunupians,
If you missed the last virtual meeting you missed a great program. It was decided at that meeting that in lieu of double down casino night we will look into an online auction as a fund raiser, so please be on the look out for auction Items to help raise funds, we could really use everyone's help in this. I look forward to seeing everyone at next week’s virtual meeting, please stay safe out there!
I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples. Mother Teresa  
May 13, 2020
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May 20, 2020
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