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A.J. Sheridan
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Howdy Fellow Sunupians,
I hope that you are having a great week. Remember to share that smile and talk up the club! After all, it is membership month and we always welcome new members. If you are not sure how best to present Rotary there is a guide provided  on the My Rotary site under resources.
No surprises:  Our meeting layout will change again this week (8/16) in the continued effort to find the most workable layout. It will be similar to the old one but will feature the screen in the corner where it has been recently and almost all the curtains will be closed to cut glare as you look towards the screen and podium.   This is based on some recent feedback.
Guest hosts are asked to be prepared stand up with their guest and to introduce their guests. If the guest is a visiting Rotarian perhaps the greeters can host them if no one else is lined up?
Early Scooters:  Members who need to leave early are reminded to put a "scooter buck" in the Sergeants spittoon each time. Also it will help if you choose to sit at tables close to the exit which many have been doing.
Inviting fundraising ideas for the club.  How about a social/fundraising dinners for club members hosted at member homes like we did two years ago. I would like to hear about interest in that or any other ideas members may have. Please talk to me at the meeting or send me an email.
Comments received  thus far regarding the Sunupian newsletter and website have been encouraging.  
REMINDER: all members are asked to please go onto the member area in CR (Upper right website tool bar), review and update their profile. Be sure to verify email and phone numbers. 
Keep Making it a Great Rotary Day Every Day!
Meeting Notes 8/9
Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters representative thanked us for our donation of $2500 and apologized for not participating enough at casino night.  She introduced us to the matches that were made possible through our contribution.
It was announced that every 3rd Thursday Sunup Rotary will be participating in Make a Difference for the Prescott Area Shelter Services.
Sergeant-at Arms:  Gus Bergman was the SGT and happy bucks were abundant.  Matthew Phillips & Mike and Sam Williams were awarded their Sunup Rotary membership placque.  They are much nicer that the one I recieved 18 years ago.  Thank you Ida from The Frame and I.  All candidates are happy the election is almost over.  Tony Shaw is happy his wife is recovering from knee surgery.  Wayne Wolfe won the pot.
Our Speaker:  Yvonne Napolitano from the Margaret T. Morris Center spoke about the fabulous facility she has been a part of tor the last 18 years.  Yvonne came from CT. With a career in Recreation Therapy.  Since 1982, The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center has served individuals and families living in Northern Arizona promoting independence through a full range of medical and social activities in a comforting environment as an alternative to in-home care and early placement of assisted living or the nursing home settings.
The Margaret T. Morris Center , Northern Arizona’s only specialized assisted living community dedicated to memory care has served hundreds of individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease, varying types of dementias and memory loss in a warm home-like setting.
The facility is nationally recognized and was established in 1984 on Susset Ave in Prescott Arizona. 
They believe in Friendships, Freedom, Choices, Self Esteem, Closeness, Wellness, Excitement and more.  Transportation is available for the adult care services.
New Sunup Website Up & Running!
With the help of Ray Carlson our URL  now connected to our new website. The new site allows for easier editing, shows more information and is the login in to your profile. Your profile information will be automatically synced with the RI data base so make sure all your information is current and correct. Check out the articles, past newsletters and recent photo albums of our activities. Aside from all that the website is our outreach to the community and to potential new members. The website belongs to our membership so if you have ideas or comments about what should be presented, please let us know.
Flags to be Posted
Boy Scouts from Prescott will be posting Flags for Patriots beginning September 2nd to commemorate Labor Day as well as 9/11. It is your chance to donate to the Sunup Rotary Foundation, US Vets as well a contribution to the Boy Scouts if you have not already done so. $49 means you will have an American flag posted in your front yard for 6 national holidays over the course of a year. If you already have a flag you can still contribute by designating the flag for a veteran. Several of our members have already done that. If you don't know a veteran we will find one to honor for you. Thanks to all who have supported this great program. You may download a signup form from the Download section at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you!
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Help Spread Sunshine: When you know of a member's loss or hospitalization, please alert Par Wood at 928-777-0500 ext 207 of the Sunup Sunshine Committee, or email