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Art Harrington

The Rotary Foundation

Double Down Casino Committee Meeting Feb 4th, 4:00pm - Liquor Deli on Goodwin
BirthdaysCarole Cordes 1/28;
Renee Raskin 1/30;  Shouw Clancy 2/1.
    ***** WANTED*****   
Snack Shack is coming Soon! 
Don't miss this chance to get to know your fellow Rotarians better!
We are in need of volunteers, and Terri Smith will be asking nicely this week: 
1. Anyone who wants to help as a buyer (Dan Byer to coordinate)
2.  A crew (5-6 or so) with a trailer (Hopefully) to move equipment from storage to set up the shack on Saturday Feb 2nd, see A.J.
3. Sign ups for the Yavapai College Softball games (First one Sat.Feb. 9)
4. Start sign ups for the LL opening day (Sat. March 23) BBQ and Snack Shack.
Meeting Highlights Jan 23rd
Meeting Highlights: AJ Sheridan reported on a sucessful RYLA and thanked all those who helped. Art Harrington urged donations to the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona as a way to celebrate Vocational Service Month.
Sunup Trivia:  On page 12 of this month's Rotarian is an article on a Washington 30 year duck race that has raised 3 million dollars. Sunup did the race for three years.  To have a water way to race ducks, Wayne Wolfe suggested we build a raceway out of sand bags & plastic.  Sharlot Hall let us put it on their lot, which has a slope.  First year we made $18,000; second year $12,000, and third year $8,000  Members filling sand bags was hard work, and moving wet bags at end even harder  The Board determined paying $8,000 to rent ducks and the wear and tear on our members was not worth it, and we terminated our duck contract.
Great Extractions:  Gus Bergman was Sarge and Ida Kendall toted the pot. Sarge first collected IOU’s including $3 from Greg Ellingham who promptly put in another IOU for his happy bucks. There were lots of just happy’s and always happy’s from members today. Dwayne Warrick won the drawing.
Last Weeks Speaker:   Both Pres and Phil Goode introduced our speaker, Mike Ellegood . Mike first gave us a quick overview of the status of public education in Arizona and then introduced a way everyone could support our teachers by donating to the Adopt A Classroom program. This program allows donors to adopt any K-12 classroom in the nation. The program works by 1) Teachers register and share their stores online, 2) Donors search for classrooms and contribute online, 3), Teachers can immediately spend donations online, and 4) Donors receive thank you emails and a list of purchases from each teacher. To sign up visit
President's Corner
Neal McEwen
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Good Morning Sun-Upians …. Let me endorse and encourage all of us to take up Art Harrington’s offer in “Let’s Make A Deal” .. and get on board with the offer to reach Paul Harris Fellowship through the Club’s matching of contribution points.  As Art notes in his letter to club members, this is a great limited time offer to make a tax deductible contribution and make a real boost in Sun-Up’s support of the Rotary Foundation.   And we close by recognizing the 260th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns ….
“May prudence, fortitude, and truth, 
Erect your brow undaunting! 
In ploughman phrase, "God send you speed," 
Still daily to grow wiser; 
And may ye better reck the rede, 
Then ever did th' adviser!”
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