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Guest Speaker: Kathy Murphy
Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry and Gallery

What's Happening

Thank you Guest Robin Sobotta Director of the Prescott Airport

Notes by Laura Vanderberg. Edited by Lisa DeLeo. 
Photo from L to R:  A.J. Sheridan, Robin Sobotta, Richard Hernandez

Thank you to Robin Sobotta, Director of the Prescott Airport for braving the weather and giving us an update on the Prescott Regional Airport. 

The airport will be getting a new tower in 2025. At 125 ft high, it will be the highest occupied structure in Prescott.  Runway extension to improve airline service and safety is also in the works.

Robin says that with the dominant direction of takeoff, the longer runway will support planes being higher when they pass over residential areas.  That means less noise over those areas.

This year the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) awarded City of Prescott Regional Airport (PRC) with a Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program (VESP) Certificate of Recognition in strong environmental compliance and striving to go beyond what is legally required to protect public health and the environment for the past three years.

PRC was accepted into the Bronze Level of Environmental Stewardship August of 2022 for demonstrating environmental excellence. City of Prescott, Arizona

You can view the proposal at:

Learn more at:  and keep up to date at:


Blood Drive

PHS JROTC’s next Blood Drive is scheduled for 8:00 am - 1:15 pm on Tuesday, March 7th, in the small gym at Prescott High School. 
Anyone 18 or older can sign up for an appointment using the following link:
Hoping you can donate, and / or let people who can, know!
Thanks for helping save lives!

The Snack Shack is stocked and ready at Bill Vallaley Field #1 (off Washington, at the back of Yavapai College)! 

We're selling packaged foods and beverages during the Yavapai College Softball games &  Little League games. 

We need 2 volunteers for each shift. Bring your spouse, partner, child or friend.

Tuesday, March 7, 12 & 2 pm games:  1 person needed

Thursday, March 14, 12 & 2 pm games:  2 people needed

Saturday, March 25, 12 & 2 pm games:  2 people needed

Thursday, March 28, 1 & 3 pm games:  2 people needed

Contact Tim directly at

See you at the ball field!

For game schedules click here.


Art Harrington shared that the Interact District Conference took place in Phoenix this last weekend.  He was proud to say that the high school students who handled all of the planning created an outstanding event! 

Looking Ahead



Double Down Casino Night Update

Laura reminded all that now is the time to sell tickets and get donations
Jane Anne suggested that when people ask for donations they lead with the amazing scholarships we gave last year- $18,000 worth, and that we want to raise $35,000 this year! 
Please have donors fill out the form, and get it back to us.  Also- very important!  Jane Anne reminded everyone that you actually have to collect the donation, in whatever form! 
The donation or sponsorship isn't complete without the money or item in hand!
Saturday, June 17th  5p-9p at the Prescott Vibes Event Center. 
Located at: 6200 North Rt. 89, Prescott (near the Prescott Airport) 
Contact Jane Anne Shimizu928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or
Club members will be going out to the other Prescott Rotary Clubs to share information about DD and sell tickets. 
Club members will be selling hard copy tickets, and for the internet/Square- savvy amongst us, you can also buy tickets by going to our website and clicking on the Double Down logo. 

Every club member is expected to sell 10 tickets. Get table sponsors and donations! Go now!

We need dealers for our 21 tables. Celebrity dealers and Prescott Residents encouraged.

Remember, our ability to offer scholarships is directly related to our success with Double Down.  The more donors, the more money raised, the more scholarships we're able to give to deserving graduating seniors- for both college and vocational schools. 

Help us support our youth!  


Meeting Notes

Written by Laura Vanderberg. Edited by Lisa DeLeo
Joke of the Day:   Two hats on a hat rack. One hat says to the other, "You stay here, I'll go on a-head." Budump-bah!  Perfect metaphor for us as we go forward with new things: Opening of the Snack Shack, A.J. Sheridan becoming the Director of RYLA, and our upcoming fundraiser Double Down!
Song of the Day: Richard Hernandez chose the US Marine's Hymn.  
Thought of the Day: Eric Chester had two thoughts of the day:
"Whatever you're doing- always give 100%, unless you're donating blood"- Bill Murray 
"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up"- Mark Twain
The TriClub St. Paddy’s Day party will be at Goods from the Garden, on Thursday, March 16th. 5p-7:30p 
3250 Gateway Blvd. Prescott
$40 includes: Irish inspired Appetizers, Desserts, Whiskey Tastings, Beer and Wine. 
Raffles and Silent Auction Items available. 
Rotary Week of Service is April 21 & 22.  Canned food drive. Find us at Safeway on 1044 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301
Other locations are still being determined. 

Join us! 

Anyone knows of members who might be interested in joining our program group please encourage them to get in touch with Jane Anne Shimizu928-636-4565 Ext. 4 or

The Prez Says
Laura Vanderberg
member photo


I’m so grateful for the responses to the request for help with PASS this week! Rotary has a motto of Service Over Self.  As kids we’re taught to always put others first. 
These are all really wonderful in concept, but they have to be with a caveat- you have to take care of you before you can give to others. 
If you’re completely depleted, there’s nothing to give! 
Along those lines, nurturing yourself, comes the concept of self-gratitude. Acknowledging ourselves for all we are, all we do and all we have.
Thanking ourselves for taking care of ourselves, serving others, keeping those balls in the air, the roof over our heads, making time to give to others, all of it. 
If you stop and think about it, you are an amazing person who does so much. 
Thank yourself!
Okay, so now, admit it! It feels weird, awkward, or maybe you think it's being narcissistic if we acknowledge ourselves.
It’s not easy to do! I would argue that offering ourselves some self-gratitude is an act of kindness for yourself, and that helps you to be happy and thrive.
Dr. Kristen Neff, in her book Self-Compassion: "The Proven Power of Being Yourself" (2011) suggests that we need to treat ourselves with the same kindness and compassion as we do our good friends.
So, can you stop judging yourself?
Can you accept yourself just as you are, with an open heart? Not good or bad, just authentically you? 
Try it! 
It’s a practice- an ongoing one, as I can attest to!
Here’s to a little self-gratitude this week! 
Here’s to you!

Warm Regards,

Laura Vanderberg


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