Greeter      Sharon Harrington
  Registration  John White
        Greeter         Jeff Lewis
Program Committee Meeting - Monday, April 2nd 7:00am Waffles & More
Next Double Down Casino Night Committee Meeting - Wednesday, April 4th, 5:30pm at the Palace
Membership Committee Meeting - Monday, April 9th 7:00am Waffles & More
Sunup Board Meeting - Thursday April 19, 4:00pm Prescott Library
Sunup Shoot at Gunsite - April 11th - See Val Ripley
Double Down Casino Night - Saturday, May 12th 5pm - 9pm Rodeo Grounds
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Meeting Highlights March 28th
Kudos to Dan Beyer  With Todd in Taiwan, Dan Beyer agreed to be in charge of the Shack for one year. [Applause!] He passed around sign-up sheets and all members have to step up and help Dan fill in the Little League game slots.
Kudos also to Mike King  Mike King stepped to help Dan out and took on the chair of the opening day of LL. Mike was glad to announce all of his work slots had been filled by you the members. Last week and this week, Mike gave us a great “Get involved!” speech.  Thanks, Mike!
Prescott Firefighters Charities Donation  Prez AJ presented Dennis Light with a $100 donation from our club to this worthwhile cause. Dennis thanked the club and told of helping family members get back on their feet after a fire
disaster. Greg Barstad attended Fire Ops 101 last year, and Prez AJ is enrolled this year. (Pictured left, Fire Chief Dennis Light gladly accepts the check from AJ.)
Fun Day at Gunsite  Today is your FINAL chance sign up for our vocational day at Gunsite. We leave right after today's meeting, and get to practice on the range and enjoy a lunch. We should return about 2pm.
Great Extractions  "Old" Greg Raskin was introduced by Rod Cordes as one of our older sergeant-at-arms, which Greg objected to and proceeded to fine Rod a buck. As Greg always gets fined for not wearing his pin, he joyfully fined all members wearing their pin. Lots of jovial banter as the cancellation of passenger flights from Prescott was mentioned and Jeff Lewis was accused of buzzing the tower. Clent was glad they did not take away the flight simulator. Yoichi said he flew on the last flight; he is taking a leave for health reason.  Sharon is happy Art is leaving the river after doing taxes. Tony got ribbed as Glen and Eric were more in uniform for court. Matthew told of his competition in the obstacle 5-mile, 140 obstacle race. Greg auctioned off an AZ Cardinals hat and shirt, and Jerry Fohrman made the only bid of $40. Tony & Pat were in a dancing contest at the Touchmark.
Speaker 3/28  Bud Ackerman used audio/visual to show us how to navigate the Club Runner web page. Members were asked to go into the site and update their profile information. He even showed how to enter your picture in the photo roster by entering Neal's portrait. A question was asked about the cost and it is based on number of members. This year we paid $750 to set it up, and next year should be in the $500 range. 
Sign Up for the Rotary Leadership Academy
  • CLA Details:
    • Date & Time: Saturday, April 21.  Breakfast buffet opens at 8:00AM  Classes begin at 9:00.  Adjournment at 4:15PM -- i.e. After the Raffle
    • Location: Black Canyon Conference Center.  9440 N. 25th Avenue in north Phoenix
  • Register NOW! to get the Early Registration Discount.  You will be notified when the class selection modules open so that you can register for specific classes.
  • Review the attached list of over 40 classes from which you will be able to choose.
  • We are very excited to have Past District Governor Vicki Puliz (from Reno) as our Keynote speaker at the luncheon.
  • Raffle prizes for attendees: iPad, Google Home, Paul Harris Fellowships and other fabulous prizes.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Day Sunupians!
I hope that you all had a nice Easter weekend! Certainly can't complain about the weather. We left Friday night to visit with family in Phx, but all that day and just as we were leaving it seemed to me that we sure had a lot of visitors in town for the weekend, lots of bumper to  bumper at times.
I want to thank all those who have signed on for snack shack duty and LL opening day duty! You folks are real heroes and Wicked Good Rotarians!
It would be great to see all our club members contributing on this important club fundraiser/Community outreach program.
Finally, if you have  not yet done so, please get on ClubRunner and update your profile, including speklling of names, dates of birthdays, anniversaries and all other pertinent information.
Some photos would be nice also.  Perhaps we will have a contest to see whose the best looking!  Or Whose Not So Much!   By Club Vote of Course!
As noted in our presentation, Bud and I will do updates for any members not using a computer.
Ttthhhhhhat's all Folks!
See you Wednesday!
and Peace Friends!
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