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    Registration     Glenn Hammond
      Greeter     Phil Goode
Birthdays:  Dwayne Warrick 5/28, Todd Clancy 5/31, Clent Walker 6/1, Gus Bergman 6/3, AJ Sheridan 6/7
Anniversaries: Matthew and Lauren Phillips 5/28
Future Programs and Events:
June 2 – Veterans Memorial Clean Up @ 8:00am - on the Plaza
June 4 - Program Committee @ 7am - Waffles & More
June 6 –  Evening Installation Dinner @ 6pm (No Breakfast meeting.)
June 11 - Membership Committee @ 7am - Waffles & More
Meeting Highlights 5-23-2018
Meeting Highlights: Art Harrington shared his enthusiasm for growth of the District’s Interact Clubs who are demonstrating international action. Prez invited attendance to the Pursuing Peace Conference to be held on May 31 ahead of the District Conference. Dan Beyer announced the last Snack Shack assignment of another successful year. Neal McEwen formally inducted Terri and Terry Smith as full time members.
Great Extractions:  Rod Cordes and Val Ripley filled in as Sargents at Arms. Rod sided with Greg Raskin who was not wearing a pin and fined everyone else. Val auctioned off a computer pad and a leftover
Casino basket which netted $75. Mike Bennett of Findlay Motors was happy to get another free breakfast. Greg Barstad was fined for missing the last three SURF meetings which he chairs. George Steiner paid for his last meeting before returning to Minnesota. Terri and Terry Smith were happy to be here full time and Josh Walker was happy that school was out. Margorie Bernardi won the drawing.
Speaker Last Week: Phil Goode introduced Bruce Roscoe, Prescott Valley photographer and President of the nonprofit Vision of Vets. Bruce is combining augmented realty technology with photography to create living portraits of individual veterans and their stories. Live video will play on your devise when you scan their portrait. He demonstrated the embedded stories for Peter, WWII French Medal of Honor Recipient, Jesse Keller and Chrash, and John McKinney. Bruce is developing a book titled “Portraits of Courage and Conviction” which has portraits he has taken of veterans and reenactors for various wars dating back to the 1700s. The living portraits are available to families and friends in remembrance of those who gave so much for our freedom. Bruce has also taken his living portraits into the Prescott Valley schools as a way of teaching history to the next generation.
Memorial Day in Prescott
In case you missed it the Prescott Citizens Cemetery Association hosted the Memorial Day Program Monday morning. Most likely this will be the last one sponsored by the association since it is dissolving this year. Once again it was a great event with patriotic speeches and songs. Veterans stood when their service anthem was played, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. The tribute served our fallen veterans well. Several Sunup members attended including veterans Phill Goode, Harry Oberg and Bud Ackerman. Counsel woman Billie Orr and Elaine Mansoor were also in attendance. Thank you to Prescott citizens for remembering.
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good morning Sunupians and Friends !
Well, The Magic Number is 3!   
So, there is new and positive progress with the Foundation grants situation.  At our June meeting, the BOD will be looking at creating a Foundation Chair (Hint, Hint! Nudge, Nudge!) for the coming year. This addition will help a lot to keep us on track.
We are most fortunate in that we have a great volunteer in Art Harrington who is willing to take this on, and we have at least two members interested in being on the committee to help him.
An example of Art’s great commitment to Rotary and our club, is that he jumped in, contacted, and negotiated with the District Foundation Chair to clarify our situation.   It was agreed that if we could reach the $70 level by June 30, the chair would appeal to the District Governor for a special concession in our case, so our club could participate in the 2018-19 grants. 
However, we may still need to hit the $125 per capita next year although Art will continue the negotiations on our behalf. So, if you are planning to make a donation or an additional donation by June 30 this year that’s great and will go a long way to boosting us for this round.
Another note:  The BOD, last meeting tasked me with polling members regarding their feelings about ClubRunner (CR).  I have put together a short questionnaire giving members the opportunity to give feedback on continuing CR or not. I will get it out via an email to members prior to our next meeting and bring some to the meeting for those who may miss it. Please complete it and get back to me as soon as possible.
Till next meeting my friends
Keep the Peace!
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