Greeter       Dwayne    Warrick  

    Registration   Barbara Oemcke
    Greeter      Michael  Bennett
Birthdays:        Annette Schiller 6/17, Bonnie Carlson 6/17
Anniversaries:    Ben and Barbara Hansen 6/20
Future Programs and Events:
June 20  –  Glen Hinshaw, Owner and Founder of RESA
June 21  –  BOD Meeting @4pm Prescott Library
June 27  –  Dr. John Haass, Artificial Intelligence
July 4     –  DARK
July 11    –  Sunup Pres. Neal McEwen, Club Assembly
July 18    –  Sharee Sheets, Shelter Box Disaster Relief
Meeting Highlights 6-13-2018
Meeting Highlights:   David Simmer, District Governor nominee for 2019-20, was visiting from Sedona, and then on to the Chino Valley lunch meeting. John Stewart invited everyone to check out the spruced up All Vets Memorial on the Courthouse Square. It was determined that it took four Rotarians to get the memorial lights working again. Terry Smith was recognized for another Paul Harris donation.
Great Extractions:  Rod Cordes was Sarge and Josh Walker toted the pot. Greg Raskin paid for his advertisement thoughts for a day. Sarge caught up on the overdue IOU’s and auctioned off a Lowe’s bucket of beer to Greg BarstadSteve Finucane paid for showing off his backside in The Daily Courier. There were a lot of just happy bucks, especially for the possibility of rain this week. Phil Goode was happy for the new FAA airport improvement grant, even if it didn’t include Iron Springs Road. Tony Shaw was happy for an upcoming hiking and fishing trip to West Clear Creek with his grandsons and Rex Baumback was happy to be back from traveling. Rusty Parker won the drawing.
Speaker Last Meeting:  Sunup’s own Bud Ackerman was the featured speaker with a program about the history of personal computers. Bud explained that he grew up in Cupertino, CA which later became the epicenter of Silicon Valley.
Later while living in Sacramento he joined two other partners who just opened a retail computer store. After a session on bits and bytes he showed photos of the first microcomputer named the Altair 8800. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft based on their early software venture with this computer. The other formidable pair was Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who founded Apple Computer in the garage of Steve Job’s father. Bud explained the founding of Apple and their Macintosh computer, along with several personal computers including the Commodore Pet, the TRS80, IBM & Compact PC. Apple introduced the LISA computer the first with a graphical user screen. Bud’s four computer stores eventually merged with other ComputerLand stores in the Bay Area. “It was a fun time and I really enjoyed participating in how the world changed over the 13 years I was involved in the business.” 
President's Corner
A.J. Sheridan
member photo
Good Monday Fellow Sunupians!
Well, hang in there! Only two more club and one BOD meeting to go with me as your "Wicked Good Prez!" I think we will make it after all! But who's counting? And I will still get to be around this cool group, just in other capacities.
At the end of the month we have the exciting opportunity to attend the chartering party for the new Sedona Village Rotary Club. Thus far we have a few members making the drive over. I hope to hear from some more this week.
This is a progression for them, going from a satellite club to a full on club. I wonder if we have any lessons to derive from their experience? I defer to the Future of Sunup committee and the BOD on that one.
Neal, are ya ready yet? You will be great!
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Owner & Founder of RESA
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Artificial Intelligence
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